ArcTitan for Service Providers

ArcTitan for Service Providers

ArcTitan is a purpose built email archiving solution built for MSPs of all sizes.

ArcTitan Cloud-Based Email Archiving makes it easy for your customers to archive in the cloud and meet their eDiscovery and compliance goals with minimal effort.

ArcTitan Cloud

Why ArcTitan is Perfect for Service Providers

ArcTitan allows you to offer your customers email archiving as-a-service to keep their business email data safe and secure in a tamper-proof email archive. ArcTitan is fast and secure, with encrypted email transfer and IL5 certified cloud storage, and rapid searches and email data retrieval.

Why is ArcTitan Perfect for MSPs?

  • Reliable, easy to use, low maintenance service.
  • Secure, encrypted email transfer, storage and retrieval.
  • Quick to setup and easy to manage, with APIs to seamlessly integrate ArcTitan into your existing management systems.
  • Tamper-proof archive with will audit trail maintained and automated backups.
  • Compatible with all email servers. services, and major email clients.
  • Rapid searching and comprehensive reporting.
  • Office 365: ArcTitan’s cloud-based model augments Office 365 extending message retention capabilities to ensure compliance.
  • Makes e-Discovery and compliance easy for your customers.
  • Compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and more.
  • MSPs can re-brand the ArcTitan solution with corporate logos and color schemes to reinforce your brand or resell as a hosted service.
  • Multiple hosting options including the option of hosting within an MSP’s data center.
  • Excellent margins for service providers.
  • ArcTitan allows MSPs expand their service offerings, win new business, and retain current customers.
  • Email data is usually held for long time periods for compliance reasons; therefore, once the email archiving service is in place, your customers are much more likely to stay with you; often on multi-year contracts.

ArcTitan can be provided as a white-label email archiving solution allowing you to easily add email archiving to your service stack, reinforce your brand, and benefit from reliable, recurring revenue, while helping your clients to meet their eDiscovery and compliance objectives.

Our support team will work with you to get your email archiving service set up so you can start offering  ArcTitan as a service quickly:

  • We provide step by step instructions for configuring your email server to archive your emails, or
  • We can work with your IT department or email service provider directly to manage the deployment for you.
  • Usually same day account setup – depending on your email server configuration.
  • A set and forget solution – Once your email server is configured, there is nothing more to worry about.
  • 14-day free trial – To allow you to evaluate the solution in your own environment and see how easy ArcTitan is to use. Full technical support is included during the trial. If you are happy, simply upgrade to a full account – No configuration changes are required!

“Our experience has been outstanding. ArcTitan has been the most effective solution we’ve found in years. Initially,we tested it for ourselves, but given the success we’ve now signed up as a reseller and are introducing the service to our SMB clients”


Email Archiving for Business

You need a robust, reliable, ultra secure, compliant email archiving solution with fast searches and rapid message retrieval. ArcTitan gives you that and more and acts as a black box flight recorder for email to protect against email data loss, with a host of features to meet the requirements of service providers.

Email Archiving for Education

Large educational organisations need to store and manage massive amounts of email securely. With ArcTitan storage automatically scales to match storage needs and there are virtually no storage limitations. ArcTitan is a set and forget solution that scales to 60,000 users. You only pay for the number of active users.

Email Archiving for MSPs

ArcTitan lets your customers store email data securely in the cloud to meet their compliance goals. ArcTitan is a fully maintained solution with automatic backups that eliminates the need for PSTs, tape machines and disks, and ensures hassle-free archiving with lightning-fast searches and data retrieval.

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