Any possibility of losing email would be detrimental to the workings of a modern company. The vast majority of the information held in old emails is, typically, not saved elsewhere so losing emails due to a technology issues or having it stolen/locked by a hackers is not a desirable course of events.

Along with the inconvenience of business interruption there are also regulatory issues to take into account as you could be fined if a breach takes place. in addition to this email may be need in the event of an official investigation and not maintaining them on your databases could result in a costly mistake to make. Even though the majority of companies complete backups in order to be prepared for a disaster, there can be issues with this solution. These backups are not searchable in the same way that archives are. The best solution for backing up you emails is to establish a relaiable archives. here we have listed the 10 reasons for doign this.

10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Archive Emails

  1. Stopping Data Loss: Emails are placed in your archive for long term, safe storage. Emails can be easily retrieved from here should an employee accidentally accidentally remove something important from their inbox.
  2. Mail Server Performance: As emails make up so much of the correspondence that your company handles they place a massive strain on email servers. Moving a lot of email to the archive will release this pressure and can result in servers that are working better.
  3. Litigation and eDiscovery: In the event of a lawsuit, you are likely to be required to produce emails related to the case and you will only have a short period of time in which to respond. Finding emails in PST files and backups can be an extraordinarily time-consuming process, and you may have to search through several years of email data to find all the emails you need. You must also ensure that the messages are original and have not been altered in any way. An email archive makes responding to eDiscovery requests and finding and producing emails a quick and simple process.
  4. Less work for IT Departs: If employees delete or lose important emails, the IT support desk will be the point of call for addressing this. Placing emails in an archive eliminates email storage issues and makes the work that they have to do much easier, especially if staff members can access their own email archives.
  5. Recovery during Disaster: Email data can easily be lost if there is an issue with hardware or the theft of a device. When emails are moved to the archive they can be swiftly and simply retrieved.
  6. Regulatory Compliance: An email archive assists with all regulatory compliance tasks. Data can be categorized and retention periods can be created with emails automatically erased when the legal retention period is ended.
  7. Data Access and Right to be Forgotten Requests: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other laws allow people the right to have access to all data that a company holds on them. If a request for access to personal data is registered, the data must be produced promptly. An email archive allows you to quickly review for email data and process right-of-access and right-to-be-forgotten requests.
  8. Internal Audits: An email archive makes the internal review process quick and simple and negates the need to include the IT department.
  9. Business Continuity: No matter what happens you can simply access old emails with the advanced search capability of an email archiving solution, you will be able to ensure business can continue as you always were.
  10. Addressing Costs: Looking for lost emails, managing email servers, answering eDiscovery requests, and producing email data for audits can take a massive amount of time. An email archive will cut the amount of time that needs to be dedicated to these issues and allow you avoid unnecessary expense.

Solution: Use ArcTitan

ArcTitan is a strong, safe, cloud-based email archiving solution provided by TitanHQ that means emails will never be lost. Quick searches can be completed when you need to find old emails, with emails sent to the archive automatically at a rate of 200 emails a second with searches of 30 million emails taking less than one single second. There are no restrictions on storage space, no onsite hardware needed and you only pay for the number of active mailboxes. Companies that use ArcTitan normally save up to 80% of email storage space.