There are several reasons why a third-party email archiving solution for Office 365 is a wiser choice that using the email archiving function provided by Microsoft. Microsoft Office 365 is a superb productivity suite that combines many useful software programs into one convenient package, but one issue that is often raised is the email archiving options provided are somewhat basic. Email archiving is available, but the features and capabilities of that service fall well below third-party email archiving solutions.

Email archiving is a legal requirement and essential for modern businesses. Email is part of the corporate record and messages must be retained and produced during compliance audits, when there are legal disputes as part of eDiscovery requests, and to help resolve HR issues. The failure to provide emails can prove very costly. Regulatory fines have been issued in cases where important emails have not been retained and legal disputes can be easily lost if an accurate email record is not maintained.

Email archiving is not just a checkbox item than must be implemented for compliance. The email archive will need to be accessed and used, which is where the more comprehensive features of a third-party email archiving solution are required.

Searching for emails in an Office 365 email archive can be a pain. The search function is OK, but the search mechanism is nowhere near as efficient as third-party email archiving solutions such as ArcTitan. One of the main benefits of an email archive is the ability to rapidly search and retrieve emails, so search efficiency is important. The default search limit is 250 results with Office 365, which doesn’t lend itself to large scale searching.

Emails often do not contain the information you need in the message body or headers. Data is often stored in email attachments, and this is an area where Office 365 email archiving comes up short. The advanced search functionality of third-party solutions can greatly reduce the time and effort required to find the emails you need. If you need to find data in email attachments, Microsoft will only search in around 50 attachment types and there are many other types of attachments that may contain the data you need.

There are also issues with licensing. With Office 365, licenses are paid per mailbox so when a user leaves the company you need to maintain the mailbox and its associated archive, which is tied to the life of the mailbox. That means continuing to pay for that user and purchasing an additional license for the replacement employee. Over time, that means the cost of the solution can mount significantly, even if your total number of employees remains the same. If like many businesses you need to retain emails for 7 years, during that time a lot of staff may leave the company. Over time the cost of Office 365 archiving is likely to be far higher than you would pay with a third-party solution.

Importing legacy emails into Office 365 archives can be a pain and long-winded process and exporting files from the archive can also be problematic. Third-party solutions such as ArcTitan allow you to import legacy emails rapidly export email data in a wide variety of formats. If ever you decide to change email archiving provider, with ArcTitan this is simple.

ArcTitan supports comprehensive policy-based archiving, including message and attachment de-duplication for faster search and retrieval. You get customizable retention periods and policies for users, email content, and attachments, and lightening fast search and retrieval, with searches that can interrogate up to 30 million emails a second.

Office 365 is a great email solution, but there are disadvantages that are not found in solutions such as ArcTitan. It is a far better choice to opt for an archiving solution that has been developed by a company that specializes in email archiving, such as TitanHQ. You will get a much more comprehensive range of features that will save you time, effort, and money.

To find out more about ArcTitan, to discover how easy the solution is to configure and use and how much you can save over other solutions, give the TitanHQ team a call today. The team will be happy to schedule a product demonstration to show you the key benefits of the solution.