In this post we will explain some of the important benefits of an email archiving service. If you are not currently archiving your email, we will explain how a small investment can actually save you a lot of money in the long run.

One of the most important reasons for setting up an email archive is to reduce the cost of long-term email storage. By sending a copy of your emails to an archive, you can significantly reduce mail server management costs. Businesses that use ArcTitan for email storage typically save up to 75% in email storage space, they eliminate the need for mailbox limits and significantly improve the performance of their mail servers. All emails sent and received by employees are automatically sent to the archive which means emails will never be lost or accidentally deleted.

All businesses need to comply with regulations concerning data storage and an email archive will helps to ensure compliance. Even if you are not in a regulated industry, it is still important to retain emails for legal purposes. An email archive is a tamperproof repository for all emails. In the event of a regulatory audit, eDiscovery request, or a customer dispute, you will be able to quickly find all relevant emails. It has been estimated that around 80% of U.S. companies are currently engaged in legal action. Email is part of the corporate record and emails must be produced in the event of legal action. You will also need to recover emails in any HR disputes. Email backups serve their purpose, but an email archive will ensure that all email can be recovered if disaster strikes, without any fear of data corruption.

One of the most important benefits of an email archiving service is fast message retrieval. If you need to recover emails from a backup, it could take days or even weeks to find the messages you need, as backups are not searchable. All emails sent to an archive are indexed, which means the archive can be searched and emails can be found and recovered in seconds, regardless of how many emails are in the archive and how long ago a message was sent.

With emails stored in a cloud archive, you will always have access to emails no matter where you are located. You can simply login to your archive using a web-based interface that can be accessed on any internet enabled device.

Creating an Email Archiving Policy

When you are creating your email archiving policy, there are two main approaches to take. The first is to set your policy for what types of emails need to be sent to the archive and then to leave it to your employees to follow that policy and archive all emails that need to be stored. The other option is to automate the process. While the first option will reduce the amount of storage space you need, it is a risky strategy. If an email that must be retained is not sent to the archive, the mistake could prove very costly if you are audited or receive an eDiscovery request and you cannot produce the email. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) fined Scottrade $2.6 million in 2015 for failing to retain certain categories of outgoing emails.

The best approach to take is to set an email archiving policy and to automate the process. This will ensure that come what may, you will always be able to recover emails on demand. This option will require more storage space, but with ArcTitan, space is kept to a minimum. ArcTitan uses deduplication, which involves only storing one copy of a message. If you send an email to a distribution group internally, there is no need to store every copy of that message. ArcTitan will only store one copy of every unique message and all messages are compressed to further reduce storage space.

Whenever an email needs to be retrieved, ArcTitan performs lightning fast searches, and even allows you to quickly search inside common attachment types. Your employees can even access their archived emails through their mail client – Outlook for instance – which means they will not need to trouble your IT department when they accidentally delete an email from their inbox. A search can be performed, and the email can be retrieved instantly on demand.

Discover Why so Many Businesses are Using ArcTitan

TitanHQ has developed ArcTitan to make archiving emails an effortless process. ArcTitan works seamlessly with almost all corporate mail systems and ensures that all emails are stored securely in the cloud where they can be accessed on demand in seconds.

ArcTitan supports comprehensive policy-based archiving to ensure that you only store the emails that must be retained, and policies can be set to ensure that emails are securely deleted automatically at the end of the email retention period. ArcTitan gives you maximum flexibility and control, world class security, enterprise-grade resilience, and lightning fast retrieval of messages when you need them. Users benefit from an intuitive user interface and a significant range of features that are not present in the archiving offerings in Exchange and Office 365.

To find out more about ArcTitan call TitanHQ and to schedule a product demonstration, give the TitanHQ team a call today and find out the difference ArcTitan can make to your business.