Exclaimer Mail Archiver Reaches End of Life

This September, the Exclaimer Mail Archiver reaches end-of-life. The Exclaimer Mail Archiver email archiving solution has been discontinued and support for the solution will no longer be provided by Exclaimer from the end of the month. That means vulnerabilities will no longer be addressed and customers will need to migrate to a new email archiving solution.

The Best Exclaimer Mail Archiver Alternative

If you are looking for an Exclaimer Mail Archiver alternative there are many solutions to choose from, but when it comes to functionality, ease of use, speed, compliance, and usability, you need look no further than ArcTitan from TitanHQ.

ArcTitan is an award-winning email archiving solution, which was recently rated as the best email archiving software company of 2021 by the independent small business review site, based on archiving features, online support, and encryption availability.

As with all TitanHQ solutions, setup is a quick and simple process. When you sign up to use ArcTitan you will be provided with detailed step-by-step instructions for configuring your email server to duplicate your emails. Your TitanHQ support team will work with your IT team to migrate your existing archive and can even work directly with your service provider for a totally pain-free migration. For the majority of clients, same day account set up is possible.

ArcTitan is a cloud-based email archiving solution, so there is no need for any on-site hardware. Compatibility is not an issue, as ArcTitan will seamlessly integrate with most email systems, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, Zimbra, Lotus Notes, and many others and you can import an existing archive from MS Exchange, Google Apps, EML, MBOX, MSG, or PST with ease.

Advantages of ArcTitan Email Archiving

TitanHQ likes to make everything simple. All the complexity is in the background, with users able to access their archives via an Outlook add-on or a web interface. When you need to access your archive to recover emails, lightning-fast searches of the archive can be performed. In fact, TitanHQ is a front runner in the market for searchability of email archives and allows large data searches to be performed at incredible speeds. With a load performance of more than 200 emails per second from your email server, ArcTitan is one of the fastest email archiving solutions on the market.

Users also benefit from

  • Unlimited storage
  • Folder replication
  • Delegated permissions
  • Re-ingestion function
  • Disaster recovery included with impressive SLAs
  • GDPR, HIPAA and SOX Compliance
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 / Office 365
  • No maintenance headaches: we monitor and manage the infrastructure 24/7, it is our job to make sure it’s performing well.
  • Massive cost and time savings

In contrast to many email archiving solutions, customers are not locked into proprietary data formats. That means you can move some or all of your data to another system as required. Email data are transferred and retrieved using open standards and you can export to EML, MSG, PDF, TIFF and PST.

No matter what, you will not have any costly, time-consuming data conversions. That includes when you join and if you leave. On top of that, ArcTitan is extremely competitively priced, which makes it an ideal Exclaimer Mail Archiver alternative.

Contact TitanHQ Today and find out for yourself why ArcTitan is the best Exclaimer Mail Archiver alternative. ArcTitan is available on a free trial, and product demonstrations can be booked on request. Rates ArcTitan by TitanHQ Top Email Archiving Solution for 2021

The leading independent business software review site has recognized ArcTitan by TitanHQ as one of the best email archiving solutions for small businesses, with the product named in Best Email Archiving Software Company ratings for 2021. rates small business online tools, products, and services. The research team conducted a 40-hour assessment of over 45 companies to determine the leading email archiving solution providers. Each company and product was assessed based on archiving features, online support, and encryption availability.

The researchers were looking for features that make email archiving solutions ideal for small businesses, such as supported deployment, robust access controls, secure backup management, and Microsoft 365 integration.

To be considered as a leader in the field for 2021, experts required companies to provided first-class online support, including self-help resources and easy access to live support with customer support reps. Security was also an important factor. Archives needed to have powerful encryption to ensure files and emails containing sensitive business data were well protected.

Some of the features that makes the award-winning TitanHQ email archiving solution stand out from the competition are:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Folder replication
  • Delegated permissions
  • Re-ingestion function
  • GDPR, HIPAA and SOX Compliance
  • Powerful search and retrieve tool
  • Easy Microsoft 365 integration

Having an email archiving solution that is competitively priced and easy to set up and use is important for small businesses. Small businesses typically have limited budgets and need to buy cost effective solutions. Emails need to be sent to a secure repository to meet compliance requirements, and when emails need to be recovered, when dealing with customer disputes, legal matters, or when emails are deleted from inboxes by mistake for example, it is vital that they can be found and retrieved quickly.

ArcTitan has an intuitive email search and retrieval tool that performs lightning-fast searches of emails and attachments. Plus, emails are stored securely, are replicated, and automatically backed up to ensure they are always available. Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 ensures small businesses have no IT headaches. ArcTitan truly is a set and forget solution.

If you have yet to implement an email archiving solution, are unhappy with your current service provider or want to reduce your email archiving costs, ArcTitan is the solution you need.

For further information on the ArcTitan cloud-based email archiving solution, to book a product demonstration, or to register for a free trial, contact the TitanHQ team today.

BEC Scammers Steal $2.3m from New Hampshire Town

Peterborough, a town in New Hampshire, was recently the focus of an attack by BEC scammers who were able to diver a number of bank transfers before being discovered.

This occurred when the cybercriminals shared forged documents to workers in the Finance Department of the town, requesting them to complete amendments to account information for a range of different payments. This complex scam was responsible for more than one email exchange between workers. It is clear that the cybercriminals had completed in-depth research to ascertain the most valuable transactions to focus on.

The scam was first identified when the ConVal School District alerted the town when they had never received a $1.2 million transfer of funds that had been. Peterborough officials looked into this and confirmed that the transfer had been made. However, the investigation also confirmed that the bank account details had been changed and that two large bank transfers to the contractor in question had been sent to hacker-controlled accounts. Overall, $2.3m was stolen  in the attack.

BEC attacks are complex in nature. Cybercriminals have finely-honed talents for conducting these campaigns and can very simply fool finance department workers into believing that they are being directed by the CEO, CFO, or a vendor using email, since the authentic email account is being used. The hackers also research the type of emails normally shared by the owner of the account and copy that style so as not to be detected.

There is a process that groups must employ in order to prevent the initial attack vector and to discover scams in time to prevent any fraudulent transfers of funds. The main security measure in this type of attack is a spam filtering solution, which will tackle block the first phishing email used to obtain the credentials for internal email accounts. SpamTitan uses a variety of features to spot and quarantine these phishing emails, including machine learning technology that can identify email messages that are not the same as normal messages usually received by staff members. Outbound scanning is used to discover phishing attacks as the cybercriminals attempt to use employee email accounts to infiltrate the accounts of their final target – the CFO or CEO. Rules can also be set to flag attempts to share sensitive data – such as W-2 forms – using email.

Along with spam filtering, it is crucial for groups to raise awareness of the threat of BEC attacks in their group, particularly among workers in the finance department. Policies and processes should also be implemented that require any change to payment details to be verified by telephone using previously confirmed contact details. Using these simple steps can be the difference between tackling an attack and sending millions of dollars directly to the hackers’ accounts.

Contact the TitanHQ team now if you wish to enhance your cybersecurity measures in the face of BEC and phishing attacks. 


Office 365 Credentials Stolen Using Sneaky Tactics

Over the last few months organizations using Office 365 are being attacked using a sneaky phishing campaign that is using a variety of different tactics to trick recipients and email security measures.

The focus of this campaign is to get recipients to unwittingly share Office 365 credentials that can be used to commit further email fraud. 

The campaign begins with phishing emails being shared from email addresses that appear to be authentic. This is accomplished as spoofed display names are being included to make the sender appear genuine. The campaign concentrates on specific groups and includes believable usernames and domains for sender display names linked to the target and the messages also incorporate authentic logos for the targeted company and Microsoft branding.

Additionally the messages feature believable Microsoft SharePoint lures to fool recipients into clicking on an embedded hyperlink that will take them to the phishing URL. Those who receive the email messages are advised that a co-worker has shared a file-share request that they may have missed, along with a link that will take the recipient to a web portal hosting a fake Microsoft Office 365 login form.

To get recipients to click on the URL, the emails say that the shared file includes information in relation to bonuses, staff reports, or price books. The phishing emails incorporate two different URLs with malformed HTTP headers. The main phishing URL is for a Google storage resource which points to an AppSpot domain. If the user  completes the signs-in process, they are brought to a Google User Content domain with an Office 365 phishing page. The second URL is embedded in the notification settings and brings users to a compromised SharePoint site, which again requires the user to sign in to get to the final page.

To trick email security solutions, the messages employ extensive obfuscation and encryption for file types often connected with malicious messages, such as JavaScript, along with multi-layer obfuscation in HTML. The threat actors have employed old and unusual encryption tactics, including the use of morse code to mask segments of the HTML deployed in the attack. A variety of the code segments used in the attacks are found in several open directories and are called by encoded scripts. Microsoft cybersecurity specialists found, and tracked, the campaign and compared it to a jigsaw puzzle, where all the pieces look normal on their own and only become dangerous when they are correctly pieced together.

This campaign is very dangerous, with the threat actor having gone to great trouble to mask their true intentions in order to get end users to hand over their credentials. 

Should you be worried in relation to your cybersecurity measures and wish to tackle attacks like this, contact the TitanHQ team now to find out more in relation to security solutions that can be easily put in place to prevent phishing and other email threats to enhance your security suite.



MSP Cybersecurity Selling Tactics

While a lot of companies are unable to invest a large amount of money in cybersecurity solutions, many do opt to avail of the services provided by Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Due to this it is important for MSPs to make smaller companies aware of the crucial service that they can provide for them. The lack of a good cybersecurity service can lead to data breaches and, in some cases, regulatory fines and legal issues. 

It is no surprise that cash-strapped small businesses have not invested thousands of dollars on cybersecurity measures so it is the role of their MSP to make them aware of the importance of having an adequate cybersecurity structure in place to prevent hacking attacks. So the onus is on the MSP to ensure that their client(s) are completely aware of the level of risk they are facing. As the needs of all businesses are different there will be different levels of threat that each faces. An audit of the risk the client is facing will provide them with the knowledge to enable them to make a smart decision when it comes to investment in cybersecurity. This is much more useful for a small company as they will not find themselves investing in a package with many features that are of no use to them.

Small companies will appreciate the level of risk that they are facing, rather than being bewildered with the technical aspects of each solution that they are being provided with. While this technical information should certainly be provided, it is not going to be the thing that pushes most small companies into making an investment decision. 

Monitoring is equally important for the prevention of cybersecurity attacks. Once installed, cybersecurity solutions must be maintained. This means it is important for MSPs to see to it that there is an adequate amount of staff working to spot all potential cyberattacks and work swiftly to mitigate them. In order for the client to know what they are investing in they need to be made aware of the difference between IT and cybersecurity support. A lot of clients will think that these two solutions are the same thing when this is really not the case. 

It is important to MSPs to be able to educate and add value for the stakeholders at their client companies so that the value of investment is appreciated and there is a build up in trust. This is one place where MSP clients can be assist4e by TitanHQ.

Through the provision of smartly priced , robust and proven cybersecurity solutions to address the threat posed by typical hacking attack vectors, in addition to a solution for backing up and archiving business critical data, Titan HQ enhances security measures everywhere. 

If you would like additional details in relation to the cybersecurity solutions for MSPs ,provided by TitanHQ, contact them now to find out more about TitanHQ email security, DNS filtering, and email archiving, and the TitanShield Partner Program.

Once up and running with the TitanShield Program, MSPs will gain strong tools, marketing assistance, and training support to help them sell cybersecurity solutions to their clients.


MSP Cybersecurity Selling Tips

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are often used by smaller organizations that do not have their own IT department, in order to meet the technology and cybersecurity requirements.

The challenge in this scenario is that MSPs need to be able to relay to the small companies that are trying to make their budgets stretch as far as possible the importance of investing in the strongest possible cybersecurity measures. 

It is crucial that small businesses are fully aware of the dangers that they are facing unless they introduce a strong cybersecurity suite. Any data breach could lead to regulatory fines and costly litigation. There are a number of different ways that MSPs can get this message across to their clients and we have detailed them below. 

Focus on Enhancing Cybersecurity

There is a good business opportunity for MSPs to increase their revenue by selling cybersecurity security services to small companies that currently have no structure in place.The easiest way to do this is to show clients the risks that they are taking by not having strong cybersecurity measures implemented. As all companies have different needs it is up to the MSP to spot where the need of the company sits in relation to cybersecurity and concentrate on this. 

This is easier following an audit of the company’s current cybersecurity strategy, or lack thereof. Companies will appreciate a bespoke level of cybersecurity measure, matched to their specific needs, rather than being sold a package that includes a range of measures that they have no need for. Providing the company with the audit will assist in the sales process also as these companies may not have the resources to complete this themselves.

With the audit a step-by-step process for addressing each vulnerability can be included to allow the company to see how their worries will be alleviated. As configuring and investing in cybersecurity solutions is a massive step for small companies with a limited budget it is crucial that the decision makers for potential clients are able to quantify the benefits that they are gaining from any possible investment. 

Importance of Cybersecurity Support Being Provided by an MSP

In order for them to be effective, cybersecurity solutions have to be properly set up and managed. MSPs must do their utmost to ensure that clients also invest in cybersecurity so that the product they are selling is set up correctly. 

By relaying to the client the importance of this aspect, and the difference between IT support and cybersecurity support, clients will be more likely to invest in this service. After communicating with the client there should be no confusion between the two and the needs for the latter should be obvious to the purchaser. Doing this successfully will make the business relationship easier going forward as there will be less issues and a stronger level of service provided. 


TitanHQ can be an excellent solution for MSP clients to avail of as it is competitively priced, strong and configured to tackle the most common attack vectors, along with a solution for backing up and archiving business critical data.

Contact TitanHQ nwo to find out more in relation to TitanHQ email security, DNS filtering, and email archiving, and the TitanShield Partner Program. MSPs that are a member of the TitanShield Program will be given in-depth and strong tools, marketing advice, and training support.