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Expert Insights Gives TitanHQ 5 Best-Of Awards

Cyberattacks are occurring in record numbers and attacks are becoming more sophisticated, so it has never been more important for businesses to ensure they are well protected and have the right cybersecurity solutions in place. However, finding the right solutions at the right price can be a challenge for businesses, which is why many rely on independent B2B software review sites.

Expert Insights is a leading online platform that provides invaluable advice on business cybersecurity software solutions. The site has more than one million users a year, and each month more than 85,000 businesses rely on the reviews, advice, and buyers’ guides produced by the site’s researchers to help them find the best cybersecurity solutions to meet their needs so they can purchase with confidence.

Expert Insights regularly recognizes the leading companies and their products in its “Best-Of” awards. For the Fall 2022 Best-Of Awards, the huge range of cybersecurity solutions on the market was whittled down to 150 products in 41 different software categories, with the top 10 vendors in each category given a prestigious Best-Of award. The editorial team selected each product using several criteria, including the features of the products, how easy they are to use, customer satisfaction scores, and the company’s market presence, with each category also having its own specific criteria. Like the advice provided by Expert Insights, the selection of products in each category is not influenced by external factors, and each of the products included in the list is subjected to internal testing and analysis by Expert Insights’ in-house team.

TitanHQ is happy to announce that the company’s innovative cybersecurity solutions have been recognized in the Expert Insights Fall 2022 Best-Of Awards, with four TitanHQ products recognized in five of the cybersecurity categories.

The SafeTitan Security Awareness Training platform collected two Best-Of Awards in the Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulation Categories, SpamTitan received an award in the Email Security category, WebTitan was recognized in the Web Security category, and ArcTitan received an award in the Email Archiving category. SpamTitan and ArcTitan were also rated top in their respective categories.

All TitanHQ solutions are provided through the best-in-class SaaS Cybersecurity Platform, which allows businesses to implement advanced, layered defenses to protect against a broad range of cyber threats including phishing, spear phishing, BEC, botnets, malware, and ransomware. The platform is also used by thousands of managed service providers to help their SMBs clients improve their security posture. All TitanHQ solutions are cloud-based, easy to implement, easy to use, and provide industry-leading protection at an affordable price.

“We are honored that TitanHQ was named as a Fall 2022 winner of Expert Insights Best-Of award for phishing simulation, email security, security awareness training, web security and email archiving” said TitanHQ CEO, Ronan Kavanagh.  “Our cloud-based platform allows partners and MSPs to take advantage of TitanHQ’s proven technology so they can sell, implement and deliver our advanced network security solutions directly to their client base”.

New WebTitan Cloud Release Gives Users New Functionality and Enhanced Security

On September 6, 2022, TitanHQ announced the release of a new version of WebTitan Cloud that gives users several new functions to add to the already industry-leading feature set, along with product improvements, security enhancements, and a new user interface.

TitanHQ welcomes feedback from users on new features they would like to see incorporated into its cybersecurity solutions. Previous requests from SMBs, enterprise, and MSP customers have been considered when making the latest product enhancements and adding new functionality.

New WebTitan Cloud Features

The key new features in the latest release of WebTitan have been added to improve security, provide easier access to important information through a suite of new reports, and improve protection for off-network users to better support hybrid working. WebTitan users also benefit from a new user interface that places important information at users’ fingertips.

Interactive Threat Intelligence Including DNS Data Offload

WebTitan Cloud now gives users the ability to list and download the DNS history, logs are available for download, and users can access all DNS data which will provide them with valuable insights. DNS data can be easily extracted to allow sophisticated integrations and advanced analyses, which support IT decisions and security planning and help with network troubleshooting.

New User Interface with Advanced Reporting

A new WebTitan Cloud user interface has been launched that makes accessing all features of WebTitan Cloud even more intuitive, with easy access to a new suite of advanced reports. Data visualization tools have been used to embed key data into the user interface to provide a clear view of important metrics to improve the user experience.

Improved Remote Workforce Protection

Many businesses have remote workers or operate under a hybrid working model. WebTitan Cloud protects all users, whether they are on or off the network. When off the network, the WebTitan Cloud On-The-Go (OTG) agent allows businesses to extend the network protections to workers, regardless of where they access the Internet. The latest enhancements vastly improve the WebTitan Cloud OTG agent for managing and monitoring off-network users, with the JSON Config filters for OTG devices replaced. It is also much easier to add and update exceptions for OTG devices through a simple, intuitive user interface.

DNSSEC Added to Enhance Security

The Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) was created to enhance the security of the DNS. DNSSEC uses public key cryptography to strengthen authentication through digital signatures and verifies the origin and integrity of data during the DNS resolution process, helping to protect against attacks on the DNS such as DNS poisoning.

“This WebTitan release is hitting so many key pillars of success for TitanHQ. The data offload feature has been requested by many customers and creates real differentiation for our solution in the market. This coupled with our new advanced reporting were major requests from our MSP customers,” said TitanHQ CEO, Ronan Kavanagh. “Finally, security is at the heart of what we do and are, the addition of DNSSEC just continues to add to our credentials.”

The TitanHQ Cybersecurity Suite

WebTitan Cloud is part of TitanHQ’s best-in-class cybersecurity platform that also includes SpamTitan Cloud spam filtering, SpamTitan Plus phishing protection, ArcTitan email archiving, EncryptTitan email encryption, and the SafeTitan security awareness and phishing simulation platform. These solutions provide customers with layered defenses to block the full range of cyber threats and are used by more than 12,000 businesses worldwide for compliance and cybersecurity and have been incorporated into the service stacks of over 3,000 MSP partners.

If you haven’t used TitanHQ solutions or you are an MSP that has yet to incorporate TitanHQ products into your service stack, contact the TitanHQ team today. TitanHQ solutions are available on a free trial to allow you to see for yourself how easy they are to use and the benefits that come from TitanHQ’s layered defenses.

TitanHQ Announces Addition of Predictive Threat Detection to SpamTitan Plus

SpamTitan Plus from TitanHQ has the most extensive coverage of any anti-phishing product. It now also has enhanced predictive capabilities to block automated bot campaigns and personalized phishing URLs.  

In December 2021, TitanHQ launched SpamTitan Plus – the most advanced anti-phishing solution released to date. SpamTitan Plus is an AI-driven solution that independent tests have shown to have better coverage than any other anti-phishing product. SpamTitan Plus is fed massive clickstream traffic from more than 600 million endpoints worldwide and has 100% coverage of all current market-leading anti-phishing feeds. Users of the solution get significantly faster detection of phishing threats than any other solution. Independent tests have shown SpamTitan Plus delivers 1.5x more phishing detections than other leading products and up to 1.6x faster phishing detection than any of the current market-leading anti-phishing solutions. Every day, SpamTitan Plus blocks more than 10 million new, unique, never-before-seen phishing and malicious URLs, and it takes just 5 minutes from the detection of a new malicious URL for all users of the solution to be protected.

The solution rewrites all URLs and provides click time protection against malicious links. If a link is initially benign, which allows it to evade email security defenses, and is then turned malicious, most anti-phishing solutions would not block the threat. Click-time protection ensures SpamTitan Plus does identify and block the threat. SpamTitan Plus follows all redirects, identifies spoofed sites in real-time, scans for phishing kits and login pages, and prevents users from visiting malicious websites that are used for phishing and malware distribution.

TitanHQ has recently performed an upgrade of SpamTitan Plus to enhance its capabilities further still to significantly improve its predictive phishing threat capabilities. Phishers are constantly changing their tactics, techniques, and procedures to evade security solutions, and one of the new tactics is to use personalized URLs. Rather than use the same URL for each email in a phishing campaign, programmatically the URLs are made unique for each victim at the path or parameter level. Since each URL is unique, standard anti-phishing solutions are ineffective at detecting the URLs as malicious. When a URL is detected as malicious and is blocked for all users of the anti-phishing solution, they will not be protected as all other emails in the campaign use a different URL.

The latest predictive functionality added to SpamTitan Plus detects and blocks automated bot phishing campaigns and personalized URL attacks. “With predictive phishing detection, SpamTitan Plus can now combat automated bot phishing. At TitanHQ we always strive to innovate and develop solutions that solve real-security problems and provide tangible value to our customers. The end goal is to have our partners and customers two or three steps ahead of the phishers and cybercriminals’ said Ronan Kavanagh, CEO, TitanHQ.

TitanHQ Recognized at the CompTIA UK Spotlight Awards

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) has named TitanHQ as one of the finalists in the Innovative Vendor Award Category at this year’s CompTIA UK Spotlight Awards.

The CompTIA UK Spotlight Awards recognize individual and organizational excellence in the UK tech industry, with this year’s award winners announced on June 16, 2022, at the CompTIA UK Business Technology Community Meeting, in Bristol.

CompTIA is a not-for-profit trade association for the $5 trillion global information technology industry. CompTIA provides education, training, certifications, and philanthropy, and conducts valuable market research to support an estimated 75 million tech professionals who work in the IT sector. CompTIA stands for excellence and standards in the industry, and the annual CompTIA UK Spotlight Awards recognize companies and individuals who reflect that.

The awards span several categories, with the UK Innovative Vendor Spotlight Award recognizing CompTIA Corporate Member Vendors that operate in the technology sector who have demonstrated innovation or an innovative approach that has transformed their organization, a client’s organization, or the wider industry.

Inclusion in the list of finalists is recognition that a company has developed innovative solutions that are having a real impact on the business and are providing great benefits to companies of all sizes. While TitanHQ was not named the winner in the category this year, the company was runner-up and was “Highly Commended.”

Just a few weeks ago, TitanHQ was also recognized for being an innovative cybersecurity vendor by Expert insights, which included the company in the Expert Insights’ list of the Top 100 Most Innovative Cybersecurity Companies of 2022, and also collected no fewer than 5 Expert Insights’ “Best of” Awards for Email Security, Email Archiving, Web Security, Security Awareness Training, and Phishing Simulation.

Over the past 12 months, TitanHQ has enjoyed impressive growth, has made significant inroads into the US market, and has recruited a wealth of new talent to continue to drive growth and foster further innovation. Two new products have been launched that expand the company’s portfolio of cybersecurity solutions to provide even greater protection from online and email-based threats.

TitanHQ launched SpamTitan Plus to provide businesses with leading-edge protection against phishing threats – The number one cause of data breaches at businesses. The product provides unrivaled protection against zero-day threats and protects businesses from more than 10 million new phishing URLs every day. The product has 100% coverage of all current market-leading anti-phishing feeds, which translates into 1.5x faster unique phishing URL detection, 1.6x faster phishing detection than the current market leaders, and just 5 minutes from initial detection at any of 600 million+ endpoints worldwide to protecting all users of the solution.

Protecting against phishing and other cyber threats requires a defense in-depth approach, that should include technical safeguards and end user training. TitanHQ now offers comprehensive security awareness training for businesses through the SafeTitan Security Awareness Training Platform. SafeTitan is the only behavior-driven security awareness training that delivers relevant training in real-time in response to user actions, ensuring training is delivered to the people who need it in real-time when the training is most likely to be taken on board. The platform also includes a phishing simulation platform with hundreds of templates based on real-world threats.

These solutions join SpamTitan Email Security, WebTitan DNS Filtering, ArcTitan Email Archiving, and EncryptTitan Email Encryption. For further information on these solutions, to book a product demonstration, or to sign up for a 100% free trial of any TitanHQ solution, give the TitanHQ team a call today.

TitanHQ Appoints Top IT Channel Veteran Tom Watson as Channel Chief

TitanHQ has announced the appointment of Tom Watson as the company’s new Channel Chief. Tom is an IT channel veteran with extensive experience in the MSP market, having previously served as Channel Chief at Grade A vendors such as NinjaOne and Axcient, has been a vendor evangelist for a swathe of tech companies over the past 24 years, and has owned and operated an MSP business and has previously worked as a network engineer.

Tom will be based at TitanHQ’s U.S office in Shelton, Connecticut, and will be working alongside another top IT channel veteran, Jeff Benedetti, who was recently appointed TitanHQ VP of Sales. Tom was appointed to help maintain TitanHQs incredible growth in the US MSP market, where there has been a huge demand for TitanHQ’s MSP services. Tom has been tasked with managing TitanHQ’s MSP tradeshows, roadshows, and webinars and will oversee the company’s new MSP partner program.

TitanHQ has been providing MSPs with innovative technology solutions for more than 2 decades, with the current product portfolio recently expanded to include an industry-leading email security solution – SpamTitan Plus, an email encryption solution – EncryptTitan, and security awareness and phishing simulation platform – SafeTitan. These recently introduced solutions join the award-winning SpamTitan Email Security, WebTitan DNS Filtering, and ArcTitan email archiving solutions.

TitanHQ solutions are delivered through an MSP-centric platform, which allows MSP partners to generate recurring revenues through the sales of TitanHQ solutions to SMBs, and scale and effectively manage their own businesses. The products have been developed from the ground up to meet the needs of MSPs and have proven to be a huge hit due to their ease of implementation, ease of use, and seamless integration into MSPs’ service stacks. TitanHQ solutions are now relied on by more than 8,500 businesses worldwide and are used to protect the clients of more than 2,500 MSPs against malware, ransomware, botnets, phishing, spear phishing, and other cyber threats.

“I’ve wanted to work for a rising cybersecurity company for quite a while now. Here I know I can use my skills and understanding of MSP operations, sales, and marketing to help MSPs succeed. Working together with TitanHQ we can give MSPs everything they need to provide quality cyber services to their clients,” said Tom. “TitanHQ already has a fantastic offering. You’ll be hearing me talk about that in the future. For now, I think it’s more important to highlight the commitments TitanHQ has made to the channel. This is a company that is 100% dedicated to making sure they serve the MSP community.”

Toms’s views are shared by all members of the leadership team at TitanHQ, who are excited about the appointment. “As we continue to further expand into the North American market, introducing industry experts like Tom to our team is vital to allow us to continue to partner with MSPs looking for best in class cybersecurity solutions,” said TitanHQ CEO, Ronan Kavanagh. “We are thrilled to welcome Tom to the team, his wealth of experience working with the MSP sector will serve us well as we continue on our growth journey.”

“For over 20 years TitanHQ has worked with MSPs to develop best in class, advanced, and highly innovative cybersecurity solutions. We pride ourselves on the sophisticated yet easy-to-manage offerings we bring to the market,” said TitanHQ Marketing Director, Dryden Geary, Marketing Director, Bringing Tom on board is yet another leap to allow us to offer the best service to the MSP market.”

Security Awareness Training Added to TitanHQ Portfolio with Cyber Risk Aware Acquisition

TitanHQ, the leading cybersecurity SaaS business, has announced its acquisition of Cyber Risk Aware. Established in 2016, Cyber Risk Aware is a global leader in security awareness and mitigation of human cyber risk, assisting companies to help their staff protect the company network.

Cyber Risk Aware delivers real-time cyber security awareness training to staff in response to actual staff network behavior. This intuitive and real-time security awareness training reduces the likelihood users will be impacted by the latest threats such as ransomware, BEC attacks, and data breaches, whilst also enabling organizations to meet compliance obligations.  Leading global businesses that trust Cyber Risk Aware include Standard Charter, Glen Dimplex, and Invesco.

The acquisition will further bolster TitanHQ’s already extensive security offering. The combination of intelligent security awareness training with phishing simulation and TitanHQ’s advanced email protection, DNS security, email encryption, and email archiving solutions create a powerful, multi-layered cybersecurity platform that secures end users from compromise. This is the go-to cybersecurity platform for IT Managed Service Providers and internal IT teams.

“This is a fantastic addition to the TitanHQ team and solution portfolio. It allows us to add a human protection layer to our MSP Security platform, with a fantastic feature-rich solution as demonstrated by the high-caliber customers using it. Stephen and his team have built a great company over the years, and we are delighted to have them join the exciting TitanHQ journey.” said TitanHQ CEO Ronan Kavanagh.

Stephen Burke, CEO of Cyber Risk Aware, commented: “I am incredibly proud that Cyber Risk Aware has been acquired by TitanHQ, cybersecurity business that I have greatly admired for a long time. Today’s announcement is fantastic news for both our clients and partners. We will jointly bring together a platform of innovative security solutions that address the #1 threat vector used by bad actors that cause 99% of security breaches, “End User Compromise”. When I first started Cyber Risk Aware, my aim was to be the global security awareness leader in delivering the right message, to the right user at the right time. Now as part of TitanHQ, I am more excited than ever about the unique value proposition we bring to market”.

The solution is available to both new and existing customers and MSP partners at TitanHQ.com and is now branded as SafeTitan, Security Awareness Training. Cyber Risk Aware existing clients are unaffected and will benefit from improvements in the platform in terms of phishing sims content and an exciting, innovative product roadmap.

For more information on TitanHQ’s new Security Awareness Solution, visit https://www.arctitan.com/safetitan/