All companies must be aware of the constant danger posed by phishers and hackers regardless of how big they are or how much profits they report. Phishing is when an email attack takes place using a lure to trick the recipient and a direction to to get the user to complete an action – such as downloading a file or visiting a link.

Phishing protection measures should be deployed to block both of these components. First, you need a solution that stops the phishing attack at source and prevents phishing emails from being delivered to inboxes. You should also have security measures in place to prevent information from being handed over to the attackers at the web stage of the attack. As an additional protection, in case both of those measures fail, you need to prevent stolen credentials from being used to gain access to the account.

Four Crucial Phishing Protection Security Tactics

In order for your company to successfully block phishing attacks you need to use four different modes of security:

  1. Web filtering: Hackers are always coming up with new tactics in order to try and trick people into handing over valuable information or allowing you to access databases. Spam filters (see below) can be implemented to prevent these attacks from being successful but you need to be conscious that some of the attacks will slip through the net almost every day. if you use a web filtering will refer to a range of  blacklists to ensure that the websites your are trying to visit are safe and free from malware and phishing lures.
  2. Spam filtering: Your initial attempts to block these emails must be a spam filters as these can prevent 99.9% of spam, phishing, and malware-laced attacks via email. Using a range of different spam filters  and blacklists of known hackers and origins of attack they can obstruct lots of different types of hacking attempts.
  3. Multi-factor authentication: in the unfortunate event of an attack taking place successfully and your access details being stolen then it is important that you have implemented multi-factor authentication to stop your databases being infiltrated using the stolen details.
  4. End user training: An often-neglected security measure is end user training for your staff. You need to educate them as to how they can spot phishing emails and hacking attempts. This should conducted on an ongoing basis a number of times during each year. In addition to this phishing simulations are a good idea to test you security measures and properly prepare your group for any possible cyber attack.

TitanHQ Phishing Security Solutions

TitanHQ has developed two powerful cybersecurity solutions to help you protect against phishing and malware attacks: SpamTitan email security and the WebTitan web filter. Both of these solutions have multiple deployment options and are easy to implement, configure, and use. The solutions are consistently rated highly by end users for the level of protection provided, ease of deployment, ease of use, and for the excellent customer support if you ever have any problems or questions.

Along with that, the cost is very up front and compares well with markets rivals. To learn more, call TitanHQ now or register for a free trial now.