The leading independent business software review site has recognized ArcTitan by TitanHQ as one of the best email archiving solutions for small businesses, with the product named in Best Email Archiving Software Company ratings for 2021. rates small business online tools, products, and services. The research team conducted a 40-hour assessment of over 45 companies to determine the leading email archiving solution providers. Each company’s product was assessed based on archiving features, online support, and encryption availability.

The researchers were looking for features that make email archiving solutions ideal for small businesses, such as supported deployment, robust access controls, secure backup management, and Microsoft 365 integration.

To be considered as a leader in the field for 2021, experts required companies to provided first-class online support, including self-help resources and easy access to live support with customer support reps. Security was also an important factor. Archives needed to have powerful encryption to ensure files and emails containing sensitive business data were well protected.

Some of the features that makes the award-winning TitanHQ email archiving solution stand out from the competition are:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Folder replication
  • Delegated permissions
  • Re-ingestion function
  • GDPR, HIPAA and SOX Compliance
  • Powerful search and retrieve¬†tool
  • Easy Microsoft 365 integration

Having an email archiving solution that is competitively priced and easy to set up and use is important for small businesses. Small businesses typically have limited budgets and need to buy cost effective solutions. Emails need to be sent to a secure repository to meet compliance requirements, and when emails need to be recovered, when dealing with customer disputes, legal matters, or when emails are deleted from inboxes by mistake for example, it is vital that they can be found and retrieved quickly.

ArcTitan has an intuitive email search and retrieval tool that performs lightning-fast searches of emails and attachments. Plus, emails are stored securely, are replicated, and automatically backed up to ensure they are always available. Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 ensures small businesses have no IT headaches. ArcTitan truly is a set and forget solution.

If you have yet to implement an email archiving solution, are unhappy with your current service provider or want to reduce your email archiving costs, ArcTitan is the solution you need.

For further information on the ArcTitan cloud-based email archiving solution, or to book a product demonstration, contact the TitanHQ team today.