While it is widely recognized that there are many different business advantages to be gained by configuring an email archive in order to assist your organization achieving 100% compliance, there are a multitude of benefits to be gained for your individual departmentals.

When you install an email archive you will have an instant record of everything that happens on your email server, where it is located. Email retention is guaranteed and in place for compliance reasons should an audit be required to take place. Additionally, disaster recovery is much easier is the event of a physical disaster or a ransomware attacked resulting in the content of your email server being inaccessible. However, there are numerous other advantages to be gained by configuring an email archive including:

1. IT Staff Email Archiving Benefits

Your IT department will be very happy with the configuration of an email archive as it will mean that they have instant access to old mails as soon as they are required. This will make it much easier to process all staff requests for email recovery. You can also set some email archives to allow staff members their own access to their email archives. In the same manner human resource investigations become much more straightforward. The strain on servers is lower as there is not need to hold archives locally in PST files or on the mail server. This eliminates a huge security risk. Productivity is increased as less times will need to be spent on maintenance and performance of the network should be smoother with less pressure on bandwidth.

2. HR & Legal Departments Email Archiving Advantages

As stated previously HR investigations are easier to conduct suing an email archive. This investigations can be completed much quicker as IT staff can provide the necessary information in much less time. This will result in the outcomes of HR investigations being known much sooner. EDiscovery requests can also be completed much quicker and can be processed in a matter of hours rather than days. From a legal standpoints there is an immutable record of emails, which is crucial for all legal actions. Due to this the legal staff can be certain that no email have accidentally gone missing and can find everything using an audit trail.

3. Staff Advantages

Adobe have produced research that revealed staff dedicated massive amounts of time to managing email during 2019. found that employees spend a huge amount of their time on email, on average 5 hours on a daily basis.  This is a massive productivity drain. With an email archive nothing will be misplace so there will be no time spent searching for missing emails.

There is a 30-day free trial of ArcTitan emailing solution will which allow you to ascertain how this solution will assist your organization. If you are considering a change from your existing email archive provider than call the TitanHQ team now so we can go through the full range of advantages to be gained when you configure our solution.