Over a number of years, ArcTitan have developed a powerful cloud-based email archiving solution that is ideal email archiving solution for Microsoft Office 365. Although Microsoft Office 365 combines many useful applications into a single package, often those tools are in fact just watered-down versions of the real thing. One particular feature that is not up to standard is the Office 365 email archiving tool.

Email archiving has become an essential function for all modern organizations to have. However, it’s no longer enough to simply store your messages, it’s also required to have them easily searchable and retrievable. This is an area where standard Office 365 archiving could be letting your business down.

Office 365 can search through approximately 50 different attachment file types most of them being Microsoft files. However, there are hundreds of other potential files that Office 365 doesn’t have the ability to search through. Due to Office 365 permitting only 50GB of email storage capacity (including your archive), you can run out of space rapidly – A major downside to native Office 365 email archiving.

Additionally, Office 365 links the archive life to the life of your mailbox. This means if you happen delete a mailbox (e.g., if an employee were to leave your business), then the archive is also deleted. These inadequate features can have damaging effects to the business, including exposure to litigation risk. There’s a large amount of danger associated with not being able to properly retain and search your emails as you’re in danger of non-compliance with government regulations. This can ultimately lead to substantial fines or even imprisonment.

As a result of archiving legislation generally mandating a 7-year retention period, responsible organizations essentially require a better solution, i.e. one that enables the organization to archive their emails in a fully compliant manner. This is precisely where ArcTitan feels they can help.

ArcTitan – An Introduction

ArcTitan is a powerful cloud-based email archiving solution developed by TitanHQ for small to medium sized businesses.

ArcTitan integrates smoothly with Office 365 and most other corporate email systems, including Lotus Domino, MS Exchange, Kerio, MDeamon, Zimbra and Google Apps.

In today’s business world, email remains as one of the most crucial applications. ArcTitan gives organizations the opportunity to offload their email storage requirements to the cloud, streamline search functionality, maintain audit-ready compliance and offer multi-tiered, permissions-based access to archived messages. What’s more is it offers unlimited archiving of both inbound and outbound mail, as well as attachments, folders, contacts and calendar entries.

ArcTitan gives you and your business peace of mind. You can be confident that your critical business mail and attachments are securely archived to the cloud, even if they’re deleted from your own servers.

And if you work in an industry which is highly regulated (such as education, health care or banking) then ArcTitan helps you to maintain compliance in case of an audit. ArcTitan is flexible, you can define retention policies to suit your business. It is also fully compliant with Sarbanes–Oxley, HIPPA, and other e-discovery, retention and audit legislation.

ArcTitan Functionality with Office 365 Features

ArcTitan’s functionality is far superior to Microsoft’s standard Office 365 archiving tool in many ways. It supports comprehensive policy-based archiving, which includes message and attachment de-duplication for faster search and retrieval.

It is also possible to customize retention periods and policies based on user, email content, or attachments, and ArcTitan can archive up to 200 emails per second.

ArcTitan makes it straightforward to search, discover and retrieve your Office 365 emails and files in seconds, and this even includes compressed files. All common file attachments are supported, including MS Office documents, PDF files, ZIP, TAR, GZ, RTF to name but a few. Search results are returned within milliseconds, and ArcTitan can search through up to 30 million emails in less than a second.

ArcTitan’s Outlook plugin also lets users easily and quickly search, view and retrieve their messages directly from their own Outlook client.

Convenient and Cost Effective to Use

ArcTitan has been tailored to cater for the flexibility and control needed by modern enterprises in our ever-evolving business environment. The intuitive interface is simple to use, and even easier to administer, lightning the workload of your IT department. ArcTitan also reduces the costs typically associated with hardware deployment, management and maintenance.

Resilience and Scalability that is Enterprise-Grade

ArcTitan scales to over 60,000 users, and in the event that a disaster causes a shut-down of your local servers, it enables you to rest assured that you have a secure off-site backup of all your critical Office 365 data.

ArcTitan’s enterprise-grade infrastructure is solid and fully redundant, built on Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon Web Services) for total peace of mind. ArcTitan gives your business an extra layer of protection that is invaluable as it gives you the confidence that you’ll never lose another critical email.

ArcTitan Cloud’s storage capacity also expands seamlessly as your business grows so you’ll never have to worry about running out of storage space. What’s more, your transfer speeds will never decrease and you’ll never need to add more capacity.

Outstanding Security Standards

Email is stored using AES 128 encryption and can easily be transmitted from your business to the cloud using TLS encryption. Data is stored, retrieved and transferred using Open Standards. Furthermore, passwords are encrypted and hashed, and access is controlled via certificate and delegated management. ArcTitan also supports antivirus scanning of your archived Office 365 data.


If your organization is dependent on Office 365, then you can’t afford to be without a reliable, secure and feature-rich email archiving solution. ArcTitan ensures your critical business communications are properly archived, and fully compliant with retention and audit legislation, filling the gap left by Microsoft’s standard archiving tool. If you’d like to receive more information about how email archiving for Office 365 environments with ArcTitan, get in touch with TitanHQ today.