This September, the Exclaimer Mail Archiver reaches end-of-life. The Exclaimer Mail Archiver email archiving solution has been discontinued and support for the solution will no longer be provided by Exclaimer from the end of the month. That means vulnerabilities will no longer be addressed and customers will need to migrate to a new email archiving solution.

The Best Exclaimer Mail Archiver Alternative

If you are looking for an Exclaimer Mail Archiver alternative there are many solutions to choose from, but when it comes to functionality, ease of use, speed, compliance, and usability, you need look no further than ArcTitan from TitanHQ.

ArcTitan is an award-winning email archiving and email retention solution, which was recently rated as the best email archiving software company of 2021 by the independent small business review site, based on archiving features, online support, and encryption availability.

As with all TitanHQ solutions, setup is a quick and simple process. When you sign up to use ArcTitan you will be provided with detailed step-by-step instructions for configuring your email server to duplicate your emails. Your TitanHQ support team will work with your IT team to migrate your existing archive and can even work directly with your service provider for a totally pain-free migration. For the majority of clients, same day account set up is possible.

ArcTitan is a cloud-based email archiving solution, so there is no need for any on-site hardware. Compatibility is not an issue, as ArcTitan will seamlessly integrate with most email systems, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, Zimbra, Lotus Notes, and many others and you can import an existing archive from MS Exchange, Google Apps, EML, MBOX, MSG, or PST with ease.

Advantages of ArcTitan Email Archiving

TitanHQ likes to make everything simple. All the complexity is in the background, with users able to access their archives via an Outlook add-on or a web interface. When you need to access your archive to recover emails, lightning-fast searches of the archive can be performed. In fact, TitanHQ is a front runner in the market for searchability of email archives and allows large data searches to be performed at incredible speeds. With a load performance of more than 200 emails per second from your email server, ArcTitan is one of the fastest email archiving solutions on the market.

Users also benefit from

  • Unlimited storage
  • Folder replication
  • Delegated permissions
  • Re-ingestion function
  • Disaster recovery included with impressive SLAs
  • GDPR, HIPAA and SOX Compliance
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 / Office 365
  • No maintenance headaches: we monitor and manage the infrastructure 24/7, it is our job to make sure it’s performing well.
  • Massive cost and time savings

In contrast to many email archiving solutions, customers are not locked into proprietary data formats. That means you can move some or all of your data to another system as required. Email data are transferred and retrieved using open standards and you can export to EML, MSG, PDF, TIFF and PST.

No matter what, you will not have any costly, time-consuming data conversions. That includes when you join and if you leave. On top of that, ArcTitan is extremely competitively priced, which makes it an ideal Exclaimer Mail Archiver alternative.

Contact TitanHQ Today and find out for yourself why ArcTitan is the best Exclaimer Mail Archiver alternative. ArcTitan product demonstrations can be booked on request.