Is your business looking for a lightning-fast, enterprise-class method of email archiving? Nowadays, it is a requirement in business to have an email archiving solution in order to ensure that emails are not lost, emails can be retrieved on demand and storage space is kept to a minimum. Although native Microsoft Exchange Email Archiving is already available, most businesses will find the archiving options are not up to standard. The only alternative is to adopt a third-party email archiving solution. This will provide all the features required by businesses, as well improve efficiency and save on cost. In order to improve the efficiency email archiving for Microsoft Exchange and meet the requirements of businesses, TitanHQ developed ArcTitan: A secure, fast, cloud-based email archiving solution.

What Email Archiving is and its Importance

Businesses have been required by federal, state, and industry regulations to retain emails for many years. Often a considerable amount of storage space is taken up through storing emails, especially when you consider the number of emails that are typically sent and received by employees daily. Although it suffices for businesses to store emails in backups to meet legal requirements, backups are not searchable. When a business needs to recover a certain email, it needs to be recovered quickly. This is simply not possible with backups, they are not searchable. The solution to this problem is an email archive. In comparison to backups, email archives are searchable and messages can be retrieved quickly and with minimal effort.

Email Archiving is Necessary for eDiscovery and GDPR Compliance

An email archiving solutions for eDiscovery is essential. There have been a number of cases where, as part of the eDiscovery process, businesses have received heavy fines for the failure to produce emails. An example of this can be seen in the Zubulake v. USB Warburg case where the plaintiff was awarded $29 million as a result of the failure to produce emails.

In order to comply with GDPR legislation, email archives are now vital. Since May 25, 2018, when the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation came into effect, companies have been required on request to produce (and delete) every element of an individual’s personal data, including personal data contained in emails. This can be incredibly time consuming without an email archive and may result in data being unlawfully retained since backups are not searchable. The fines for GDPR compliance failures can reach as high as €20 million or 4% of global annual revenue, whichever is more substantial.

Native Microsoft Exchange Email Archiving Drawbacks

Native Microsoft exchange email archiving provides businesses with journaling and personal archive functions, but there are drawbacks to each. While the functions meet some business requirements such as freeing up space in mailboxes, they lack the full functions of a dedicated archive and do not meet all eDiscovery requirements.

When using native Microsoft Exchange email archiving, end users have too much control over the information that is loaded into an archive and they can’t delete emails unless a legal hold is activated. For admins, retrieving emails can be complicated and extremely time consuming.

With native Microsoft Exchange email archiving, functions fail to meet the needs of a lot of businesses particularly those in highly regulated industries. Although the native email archiving functions for Microsoft Exchange have improved over the years, the limitations remain with most product versions and archiving can be complex with certain email architectures.

Any business that uses multiple email systems alongside Microsoft Exchange will require a third-party email archiving solution. This is due to Microsoft Exchange not supporting the archiving of emails from other platforms.

There has been an improvement in email archiving with Office 365. SMBs that use Office 365 already have email archiving functionality included in their plans, but it is only free of charge with E3-E5 plans. Additional plans charge around $3 per user, which is more expensive than custom-built archiving solutions such as ArcTitan.

Native Microsoft Exchange email archiving is an option for businesses, but Microsoft Exchange was not developed specifically for email archiving. However, despite the improvements that have been made by Microsoft, a third-party solution for email archiving on Microsoft Exchange is still required.

A third-party email archiving solution will make managing your email archiving significantly more efficient. It will save your IT department a considerable amount of time trying to locate old messages, especially for the typical requests that are received which are light on detail. The advanced search options in ArcTitan make search and retrieval of messages much faster and easier.

ArcTitan: Lightning-Fast, Enterprise-Class Email Archiving

ArcTitan has been specifically developed for email archiving for Microsoft Exchange, making it more specialized than competitors. ArcTitan has been designed to meet all the archiving needs of businesses and allow managed service providers to offer email archiving to their clients.

The benefits of ArcTitan include extremely fast email archiving and message retrieval, secure encrypted storage and compliance with industry regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, FINRA, SEC and GDPR. ArcTitan allows businesses meet eDiscovery requirements without having to pay for additional eDiscovery services from Microsoft. ArcTitan also maintains an accurate audit trail. This allows businesses to have near instant access to all of their emails. ArcTitan serves as a black box recorder for all email to meet the various eDiscovery requirements and ensures compliance with federal, state, and industry regulations.

ArcTitan Features

ArcTitan requires no hardware or software, is quick and easy to install, and slots in to the email architecture of businesses with ease. The solution is highly scalable (there are no limits on storage space or users), it is easy to use, lightning fast and stores all emails safely and securely.

Businesses that have not yet implemented a Microsoft Exchange email archiving solution typically save up to 75% storage space. Costs are also kept to a minimum with a flexible pay as you go pricing policy, with subscriptions paid per live user.

  • Unlimited cloud based email archiving including inbound/outbound/internal email, folders, calendars and contacts
  • A full data retention and eDiscovery policy
  • HIPPA, SOX (and more) standard compliance and audited access trail
  • SuperFast Search™ – email is compressed, zipped, uses message de-duplication and attachment de-duplication ensuring the fast search and retrieval
  • Web console access with multi-tiered and granular access options – You decide user access permissions
  • No hardware / software installation required
  • Works with all email servers including MS Exchange, Zimbra, Notes, SMTP/IMAP/Google/PO
  • Secure transfer from your email server
  • Encrypted storage on AWS cloud
  • Instantly searchable via your browser – You can find archived emails in seconds
  • Maintains a complete audit trail
  • Optional Active Directory integration for seamless Microsoft Windows authentication
  • Optional Outlook email client plugin

If you have not yet implemented an email archiving solution, if you are unhappy with the native Microsoft Exchange email archiving features, or if you are finding your current archiving solution too expensive or difficult to use, contact TitanHQ today to find out more about the benefits of ArcTitan and the improvements it can offer to your business.