Holiday season gift card scams are very common, and this year is no exception. Many gift card-themed scams were tracked during Thanksgiving weekend that offered free or cheap gift cards to lure online shoppers into sharing publicly their credit card information.

Everyone is a fan of a bargain and the offer of something for nothing may be too tempting. Many people are taken in by these scams which is why threat actors switch to gift card scams around Holiday season.

Consumers can be tricked into parting with credit card information, but companies are also at risk. Many of these campaigns are designed to obtain access to login credentials or are used to install malware. If an end user responds to such a scam during their work day, it is their employer that will likely pay the ultimate price.

This year has seen many businesses hit by gift card scam campaigns. Figures released by Proofpoint indicate that out of the organizations that have been targeted with email fraud attacks, almost 16% had experienced a gif card-themed attack: Up from 11% in Q2, 2018.

This year has also seen a heightened risk due to business email compromise (BEC) style tactics, with emails appearing to have been shared from within a company. The emsay that they have been sent from the CEO (or another executive) requesting accounts and administration staff purchase gift cards for clients or ask for gift cards be bought in order to use them for charitable donations.

To cut the risk from gift card scams and other holiday-themed phishing emails, firms need to see to it that they have powerful spam filtering technology in place to block the emails at source and prevent them from being sent to employee inboxes.

Advanced Anti-Phishing Security for Office 365

Many companies use Office 365, but even Microsoft’s anti-phishing security measure see many phishing emails slip through the security systems, especially at businesses that included the advanced phishing protection subscription. Even with the advanced anti-phishing measures, emails still make it past Microsoft’s filters.

If you wish to block these malicious messages, an advanced third-party spam filter is necessary. SpamTitan has been designed to work side by side with Office 365 to improved protection against malware, phishing emails, and more complex phishing attacks.

SpamTitan can deal with more than 99.9% of spam email, while dual antivirus engines prevent 100% of known malware. What really sets SpamTitan apart from other software is the level of protection it offers against new threats. A combination of Bayesian analysis, greylisting, machine learning, and heuristics help to identify zero-day attacks, which often get by Office 365 defenses.

If you want to enhance security from email-based attacks and reduce the amount of spam and malicious messages that are arriving in Office 365 inboxes, contact TitanHQ and book a product demonstration to see SpamTitan working.