While a lot of companies are unable to invest a large amount of money in cybersecurity solutions, many do opt to avail of the services provided by Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Due to this it is important for MSPs to make smaller companies aware of the crucial service that they can provide for them. The lack of a good cybersecurity service can lead to data breaches and, in some cases, regulatory fines and legal issues. 

It is no surprise that cash-strapped small businesses have not invested thousands of dollars on cybersecurity measures so it is the role of their MSP to make them aware of the importance of having an adequate cybersecurity structure in place to prevent hacking attacks. So the onus is on the MSP to ensure that their client(s) are completely aware of the level of risk they are facing. As the needs of all businesses are different there will be different levels of threat that each faces. An audit of the risk the client is facing will provide them with the knowledge to enable them to make a smart decision when it comes to investment in cybersecurity. This is much more useful for a small company as they will not find themselves investing in a package with many features that are of no use to them.

Small companies will appreciate the level of risk that they are facing, rather than being bewildered with the technical aspects of each solution that they are being provided with. While this technical information should certainly be provided, it is not going to be the thing that pushes most small companies into making an investment decision. 

Monitoring is equally important for the prevention of cybersecurity attacks. Once installed, cybersecurity solutions must be maintained. This means it is important for MSPs to see to it that there is an adequate amount of staff working to spot all potential cyberattacks and work swiftly to mitigate them. In order for the client to know what they are investing in they need to be made aware of the difference between IT and cybersecurity support. A lot of clients will think that these two solutions are the same thing when this is really not the case. 

It is important to MSPs to be able to educate and add value for the stakeholders at their client companies so that the value of investment is appreciated and there is a build up in trust. This is one place where MSP clients can be assist4e by TitanHQ.

Through the provision of smartly priced , robust and proven cybersecurity solutions to address the threat posed by typical hacking attack vectors, in addition to a solution for backing up and archiving business critical data, Titan HQ enhances security measures everywhere. 

If you would like additional details in relation to the cybersecurity solutions for MSPs ,provided by TitanHQ, contact them now to find out more about TitanHQ email security, DNS filtering, and email archiving, and the TitanShield Partner Program.

Once up and running with the TitanShield Program, MSPs will gain strong tools, marketing assistance, and training support to help them sell cybersecurity solutions to their clients.