Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are often used by smaller organizations that do not have their own IT department, in order to meet the technology and cybersecurity requirements.

The challenge in this scenario is that MSPs need to be able to relay to the small companies that are trying to make their budgets stretch as far as possible the importance of investing in the strongest possible cybersecurity measures. 

It is crucial that small businesses are fully aware of the dangers that they are facing unless they introduce a strong cybersecurity suite. Any data breach could lead to regulatory fines and costly litigation. There are a number of different ways that MSPs can get this message across to their clients and we have detailed them below. 

Focus on Enhancing Cybersecurity

There is a good business opportunity for MSPs to increase their revenue by selling cybersecurity security services to small companies that currently have no structure in place.The easiest way to do this is to show clients the risks that they are taking by not having strong cybersecurity measures implemented. As all companies have different needs it is up to the MSP to spot where the need of the company sits in relation to cybersecurity and concentrate on this. 

This is easier following an audit of the company’s current cybersecurity strategy, or lack thereof. Companies will appreciate a bespoke level of cybersecurity measure, matched to their specific needs, rather than being sold a package that includes a range of measures that they have no need for. Providing the company with the audit will assist in the sales process also as these companies may not have the resources to complete this themselves.

With the audit a step-by-step process for addressing each vulnerability can be included to allow the company to see how their worries will be alleviated. As configuring and investing in cybersecurity solutions is a massive step for small companies with a limited budget it is crucial that the decision makers for potential clients are able to quantify the benefits that they are gaining from any possible investment. 

Importance of Cybersecurity Support Being Provided by an MSP

In order for them to be effective, cybersecurity solutions have to be properly set up and managed. MSPs must do their utmost to ensure that clients also invest in cybersecurity so that the product they are selling is set up correctly. 

By relaying to the client the importance of this aspect, and the difference between IT support and cybersecurity support, clients will be more likely to invest in this service. After communicating with the client there should be no confusion between the two and the needs for the latter should be obvious to the purchaser. Doing this successfully will make the business relationship easier going forward as there will be less issues and a stronger level of service provided. 


TitanHQ can be an excellent solution for MSP clients to avail of as it is competitively priced, strong and configured to tackle the most common attack vectors, along with a solution for backing up and archiving business critical data.

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