The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to make huge changes very quickly. Many managed service providers have shown resilience and met the challenge head on, showing that while we are now living in very uncertain times there are opportunities for expansion.

Efficient MSPs have not only adapted their business to ensure their survival, they have identified the opportunities and are gaining considerable growth momentum and have shown it is possible to prosper in spite of an very challenging economy.

At MVP GrowthFest on June 23, 2020 you will be able to discover how successful MSPs are turning adversity into growth and profit and will learn from an all-star line up of Channel experts in relation to the state of the Channel and what you must do to adapt to these challenging times. You will also be given guidance on the steps you can take now to ensure success and grow your business and prosper.

MVP GrowthFest is a 3-hour virtual event that will supply valuable insights and advice that can be used immediately to help you expand your business. The event is being headlined by a conversation with Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr., the 3-time NBA MVP Award winner.

Matt Solomon, VP of Business Development at ID Agent, will be chatting to Magic Johnson, who will explain how he succeeded by overcoming obstacles during his lifetime, and how tenacity and commitment to the community were key to his success.

MVP GrowthFest will be celebrating the energy that powers growth and the drive to thrive during challenging times and, along with the interview, MSPs will hear from 15 Channel all-stars in four powerhouse panels.

TitanHQ is happy to announce that Sales Director Conor Madden will be leading the panel in the security session titled “Leading with Security through Education.” The key to selling products in your security stack is to inform your clients about the need for cybersecurity. Given the fact that cyber actors have been attacking companies with increased vigor during the pandemic, positioning your security stack front and central is the sensible step.

TitanHQ can provide web and email security solutions that will not only keep you and your clients safe, they can be efficiently set up in your security stack and can be easily packaged. Plus, a very competitive price point means they are affordable solutions for your clients and generous margins will help you improve your bottom line.

Also attending the security powerhouse are:

  • Jon Murchison – CEO, BlackPoint Cyber
  • Kevin Lancaster – CEO, ID Agent & GM Security, Kaseya
  • Jessvin Thomas – President & CTO, SKOUT

Attendees will also get to hear from Channel leaders in three additional Powerhouse sessions that will provide invaluable advice on how to grow your business and boost profits during the current crisis.

Managing Through Change


  • Dan Wensley – CEO, Warranty Master
  • Joe Alapat – CEO & Founder, Liongard
  • Ryan Walsh – Chief Channel Officer, Pax8

Establishing Trust in the New Normal


  • Dave Goldie – Vice President of Channel, Cytracom
  • Ted Roller – Channel Chief, ConnectBooster
  • Andra Hedden – CMO, Marketopia
  • Frank DeBenedetto – Founder, AudIT

Leading & Accelerating through the Recovery


  • Tim Conkle – Founder, The 20
  • Dennis O’Connell – Vice President, Taylor Business Group
  • Ted Roller – Channel Chief, Zomentum

Advance registration is mandatory.

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