A new version of TitanHQ has been launched that introduces Geo-blocking email filtering in addition to many other updates and fixes aimed at enhancing usability.

This new version of the award-winning email security solution added geo-blocking due to the high level of demand from existing users. It will be included with the solution at no additional cost to the subscription. This Geo-blocking feature means that users of the solution will be able to prevent, or permit, emails sent from specific geographical areas being delivered to their inbox(es). This is done using the country of IP address of the mail server that the email is sent from. This places an additional level of security for companies that allows them to restrict access to geographic threat vectors and stop malware, ransomware, and phishing emails from landing in inboxes.

A country can be selected and all emails from individuals and groups in that location will be blocked. Doing this can greatly improve your company’s cybersecurity efforts as the majority of malicious emails originate from a small number of countries. These are, in most cases, countries that most small- to medium-sized businesses do not have any contact with. Due to this it will not have any impact on business to block this country and it could save a lot of money that would have been lost in addressing a successful cyber attack. 

This is simple to configure within the SpamTitan solution. It can be enabled within the SpamTitan Country IP Database. For companies that do not wish to block every group from a specific country or domain, there is a whitelisted option which will allow you to approve specific senders and their email will be allowed to reach the correct inboxes.A

Along with geoblocking there are a range of other security improvements that have been created in order to further strengthen the already excellent threat detection and blocking mechanisms within SpamTitan. These include an upgraded sandboxing tool that places more security from attacks featuring malware, ransomware, phishing, spear-phishing, Advanced Persistent Threats, and malicious URLs hidden within emails. 

Recently reported bugs have been addressed and have resulted in better email rendering in Mail Viewer and the option of removing quarantine report token expiry and improving domain verification.

TitanHQ CEO Ronan Kavanagh said: “Geoblocking has been a much-requested feature and as always we listen to our customers and provide what they need to implement the very best email security they can. After experiencing 30% growth in 2021, TitanHQ expects these product enhancements and new features to make 2021 another record-breaking year.”

SpamTitan can be provided as a 100% cloud-based solution or as an anti-spam gateway, which is run as a virtual appliance on existing company hardware. Existing users of SpamTitan Cloud will have their solution automatically updated on September 14, 2021.A full description of the latest updates in SpamTitan 7.11 is available here.

Users of SpamTitan Gateway will need to manually upgrade to the latest version via System Setup > System Updates.