As remote-working employees are being targeted by hackers the time has never been better for the enhancement of home-working cybersecurity measures.

The threat faced by companies that have quickly moved to a largely at-home workforce should not be underestimated. When most people are working in an office, within the protection of the corporate firewall, IT departments could keep hackers at bay. Any staff that were authorized to work from home could be given a laptop that had security protections appropriate for the heightened level of risk.

Moving the complete workforce from the office to attics, basements, kitchens, and spare rooms in a very short space of time has meant shortcuts need to be implemented. Many SMBs have had to shift quickly and have not had enough time to provide additional training to their at-home workers. The laptop computers now being used by their employees have had to be supplied quickly and they lack the security measures are working. Some companies are even allowing personal computers to be used out of necessity. Hackers have been rubbing their hands with glee at the new targets and the ease at which they can attack companies.

Lockdowns are now being removed and people are being encouraged to go back to work, but additional increases in cases are likely as a result and with social distancing in the office problematic for many companies, many employees will still need to work from home. To minimize the risk of those employees falling for a phishing scam or inadvertently installing malware or ransomware, additional cybersecurity measures should be put in place.

You will more than likely have an email security solution to prevent the most common attack vector, but extra layers of security will greatly enhance your security posture, one of the most important of which is a web filtering solution. A web filter stops your staff from visiting malicious websites, such as those used for phishing or malware distribution. When an effort is made to view a malicious website – through a link in a phishing email, a web redirect, or general web browsing – instead of being allowed to view the website, employees will be directed to a local block page that explains the site cannot be viewed as it breached your internet usage policies.

A web filter can also be used to stop staff from using their work laptop for personal use by blocking websites by category, and as a measure to tackle shadow IT and stop unauthorized software downloads.

WebTitan Cloud will permit you to enhance cybersecurity for remote workers without requiring any software installations and can be set up and protecting your office staff and remote workers quickly.