TitanHQ is pleased to announce the launch of SafeTitan for MSPs – a new version of the security awareness training and phishing simulation platform that has been developed specifically to meet the needs of MSPs and help them add security awareness training and phishing simulations to their list of managed services.

The SafeTitan Security awareness training and phishing simulation platform was added to the TitanHQ portfolio of cybersecurity solutions in February 2022, following the acquisition of Cyber Risk Aware. SafeTitan is an enterprise-grade security awareness training platform that incorporates more than 80 videos, training sessions, and webinars covering all aspects of security for teaching employees security best practices and how to recognize and avoid threats such as phishing and smishing.

The phishing simulator includes more than 1,800 customizable phishing templates for conducting phishing tests on employees. If such a test is failed, the platform automatically generates training content in real-time, ensuring it is delivered at the time when it is most likely o be taken on board.

SafeTitan has been available to be used by MSPs since its initial launch; however, TitanHQ has tweaked the platform to make it even easier for MSPs to use and add security awareness training and phishing simulations to their managed services.  To discover how best to improve the platform, TitanHQ asked its extensive MSP customer base for suggestions on improvements and new features and worked with its MSP advisory council, which has resulted in the following new MSP-friendly features being added to the platform.

  • Mass campaigns and training – Easy to create training and phishing simulation campaigns for all clients and spin up new training campaigns for groups of customers.
  • Direct email injection (Graph API) – No configuration of allow lists and firewalls now required to ensure emails are delivered
  • Scheduled client reporting – Set up weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual reports to show the ROI to clients
  • New MSP Dashboard for quick actions and live analytics
  • Dynamic User Management – Easily change campaigns, such as adding new users.
  • New Offer – 40 free phishing emails to demonstrate how effective the solution is and how easy it is to use.

In addition, there are great margins for MSPs that make the addition of security awareness training to their security stacks profitable, while helping to ensure their clients address the human element of cybersecurity as well as using technology for blocking phishing and other cyberthreats. The platform can be provided as a white label ready to take an MSP’s branding or add the branding of clients to personalize it for each customer. The training content is engaging, easy to understand, and consists of training modules of no more than 10 minutes, which makes them easy to fit into busy workflows. Training can also be automated so it requires little ongoing maintenance and effort.

The multi-award-winning platform has proven to be a huge hit with SMBs and MSPs alike and significantly reduces susceptibility to phishing attacks. More than 80% of users report noticeable changes in susceptibility to phishing emails after training, and those gains can be achieved at a very affordable price.

“The MSP requested features added to our SafeTitan security awareness and phishing training tool makes it even easier for MSPs to protect their clients from advanced phishing and malware attacks.” said Ronan Kavanagh CEO at TitanHQ. “We believe these key features are game-changers for MSPs seeking to expand their security offerings and scale their businesses, while improving profitability.”