At present the main way that hacking groups are accessing business networks is via phishing campaigns.

The single best way of tacking phishing campaigns is using an email spam filter. This type of cybersecurity solution will audit all incoming email traffic to check for spam signature, phishing characteristics and any indication of malware.

An award-winning anti-spam software, SpamTitan boasts the best possible tools to safeguard your group from phishing and other email-leveraging campaigns. At present more than 1,500 organizations use SpamTitan globally.

While you may see a multitude of spam filtering solutions available which will claim to adequately safeguard your group from the smarted phishing tactics, one has become the chosen solution of managed service providers (MSP) – TitanHQ. Here we examine the reasons for this choice.

  1. Advanced email blocking: SpamTitan uses upload block and permits lists per policy, advanced reporting, recipient verification and outbound email reviewing. There is also a capability for whitelisting/blacklisting at all hierarchical levels of permissions within your network.
  2. Excellent malware protection: There are dual antivirus engines from two leading AV providers and sandboxing that leverages machine learning and behavioral analysis to tackle any file which appears to be dangerous.
  3. Protection against zero-day attacks: Machine learning predictive technology takes zero-day attacks foen and there is also AI-driven threat intelligence to tackle block zero-minute attacks head on.
  4. Office 365 environment security measures: There are a range of protection measures present that secure in depth against email threats. These can be simply added to Office 365 environments to greatly enhance security in the face of phishing and email-based malware campaigns.
  5. Easy integration: There is a straightforward configuration process for adding this to your existing Service Stack through TitanHQ API’s and MSPs benefit from streamlined management with RMM integrations.
  6. Data leak prevention: Strong data leak prevention rules that are easy to create and allow for tagging of data to spot and block internal data loss.
  7. Intuitive multi-tenant dashboard: MSP-client hierarchy means that you can keep clients segregated and decide if you need to manage client settings in bulk or on an individual basis. This is a set and forget solution, meaning a low level of IT service intervention is all that is required.
  8. White labelling: Can be supplied a #white label version to reinforce an MSP’s brand.
  9. Industry-leading customer support: TitanHQ customer service is the industry leader in the field with world class pre-sales and technical support and sales & technical guidance. MSPs are allocated a  dedicated account manager, assigned sales engineer support, access to the Global Partner Program Hotline, and 24/7 priority technical support.
  10. Competitive pricing and monthly billing: SPs benefit can view the transparent pricing policy, competitive pricing, excellent margins, and monthly billing. The sales cycle is just 14 days.

If you would like to begin providing SpamTitan for your clients, contact the TitanHQ channel team at once and begin your free trial.