There was a huge surge in phishing campaigns conducted during 2021, most companies are now very familiar with them and the danger(s) that they pose. Due to this is it now more important than ever to be aware how to tackle this type of attack head on.

This type of attack typically begins with an email being sent to your inbox which appears 100% authentic and includes a request for you to complete an action urgently.  While you probably think that you would be adept at spotting a ploy such as this, every day three billion spoofing emails are transmitted so there is every chance that if you are not tricked, someone in your organization make take the bait and click a link that will lead to a lot of pain for your group.

To assist you in your fight against spamming, we have put together a number of measures you can introduce at your organization.

Investigate How the Sender is Aware of You

All a phisher will do is sometimes launch a campaign where millions of spoof emails are broadcast pretending to be genuine well-known and reputable companies. They know that companies that operate on a global basis will have millions of customers so there is an excellent chance that the message will reach the inboxes of some actual clients. Always treat the message with suspicion even if it is from a company that you have an existing business relationship with.

Check for Spyware

It is important to check for spyware if you are finding yourself in receipt of a large number of spoof emails that appear to be sent from companies whose web portals you use a lot. If this is the case it is likely that one of your devices has been infiltrated with spyware which is recording your web traffic. This can be managed with a strong endpoint security application or spyware cleaner to make your device safe again.

Review the Email Address that is Contacting You

Even if a phishing email includes everything to make the message appear authentic such as a company logo/image and corporate header, you should pay very close attention to the sending email. Phishing emails are normally uncovered by the sending name and sending email address being completely different from each other. 

Check for Standard Phishing Email Claims

These include: 

  • Someone contacts you to confirm some personal information in relation to an account you hold.
  • You are made aware of suspicious activity on an account that you hold and asked to complete an action like visiting a link to change your password.
  • You are informed that you are entitled to claim a tax refund or government subsidy
  • An email from “IT Department” or “Help Desk”  asking you to complete an action.

Tackling Phishing Emails

Using a strong security solution like SpamTitan will prevent phishing, ransomware, and malware variants attacks while also safeguarding all financial accounts using multi-factor authentication.  

Having this in place will prevent your details from ever being exposed. It is important for companies to recognise the danger posed by cyberattacks and take steps, like configuring SpamTitan, in order to address it. 

Contact TitanHQ as soon as you can in order to find out more about how SpamTitan Email Security helps you tackle phishing attacks.