SpamTitan Plus from TitanHQ has the most extensive coverage of any anti-phishing product. It now also has enhanced predictive capabilities to block automated bot campaigns and personalized phishing URLs.  

In December 2021, TitanHQ launched SpamTitan Plus – the most advanced anti-phishing solution released to date. SpamTitan Plus is an AI-driven solution that independent tests have shown to have better coverage than any other anti-phishing product. SpamTitan Plus is fed massive clickstream traffic from more than 600 million endpoints worldwide and has 100% coverage of all current market-leading anti-phishing feeds. Users of the solution get significantly faster detection of phishing threats than any other solution. Independent tests have shown SpamTitan Plus delivers 1.5x more phishing detections than other leading products and up to 1.6x faster phishing detection than any of the current market-leading anti-phishing solutions. Every day, SpamTitan Plus blocks more than 10 million new, unique, never-before-seen phishing and malicious URLs, and it takes just 5 minutes from the detection of a new malicious URL for all users of the solution to be protected.

The solution rewrites all URLs and provides click time protection against malicious links. If a link is initially benign, which allows it to evade email security defenses, and is then turned malicious, most anti-phishing solutions would not block the threat. Click-time protection ensures SpamTitan Plus does identify and block the threat. SpamTitan Plus follows all redirects, identifies spoofed sites in real-time, scans for phishing kits and login pages, and prevents users from visiting malicious websites that are used for phishing and malware distribution.

TitanHQ has recently performed an upgrade of SpamTitan Plus to enhance its capabilities further still to significantly improve its predictive phishing threat capabilities. Phishers are constantly changing their tactics, techniques, and procedures to evade security solutions, and one of the new tactics is to use personalized URLs. Rather than use the same URL for each email in a phishing campaign, programmatically the URLs are made unique for each victim at the path or parameter level. Since each URL is unique, standard anti-phishing solutions are ineffective at detecting the URLs as malicious. When a URL is detected as malicious and is blocked for all users of the anti-phishing solution, they will not be protected as all other emails in the campaign use a different URL.

The latest predictive functionality added to SpamTitan Plus detects and blocks automated bot phishing campaigns and personalized URL attacks. “With predictive phishing detection, SpamTitan Plus can now combat automated bot phishing. At TitanHQ we always strive to innovate and develop solutions that solve real-security problems and provide tangible value to our customers. The end goal is to have our partners and customers two or three steps ahead of the phishers and cybercriminals’ said Ronan Kavanagh, CEO, TitanHQ.