Cyber threat actors are conducting increasingly sophisticated attacks on businesses of all sizes. Defending against these threats requires a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions that provide overlapping layers of protection, which are constantly updated in response to threat actors’ changing tactics, techniques, and procedures. TitanHQ has developed a package of AI-driven cybersecurity solutions that work seamlessly with each other and provide protection against email and web-based attacks and data loss.

SMBs, enterprises, and managed service providers (MSPs) can easily take advantage of the TitanSecure bundle of products that include AI-driven threat intelligence and advanced email security through SpamTitan, DNS-based web filtering with WebTitan, data loss protection with ArcTitan email archiving, and comprehensive security awareness training and phishing simulations with the SafeTitan platform.

Updates Released for TitanHQ Solutions

In July, TitanHQ announced upgrades to three of its solutions – SafeTitan, WebTitan, and SpamTitan to improve usability and efficiency.

SafeTitan Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulation Platform

In early July, a new feature was added to the SafeTitan platform to improve usability for MSPs and eliminate the complexity of creating ongoing phishing simulation campaigns for their clients. The new Auto Campaigns feature allows MSPs to automate the delivery of phishing simulation campaigns for their clients by creating annual campaigns, which significantly reduces the time and resources required for planning and management of cybersecurity initiatives, helping to improve efficiency and profitability. The new feature allows a set of campaigns to be created for customers in just a few minutes and automate those campaigns to ensure they are delivered continuously throughout the year.

WebTitan DNS Filter

TitanHQ has also released WebTitan 5.03, which is now being rolled out to all existing customers. The latest update includes several new features that have been requested by users to improve usability and operational efficiency. The update includes a new summary report page, an improved layout for the custom block page, several bug fixes, and the following new features:

  • Customization of the Global Default policy on the MSP level – Allows a custom default policy when creating a customer account.
  • Customization of the Default Policy on the Customer level.
  • Inherit the Allowed & Blocked Domains from the Customer Default Policy.
  • Blocking of a top-level domain (TLD) on a customer policy and global domains.

SpamTitan Email Security

TitanHQ is just finalizing version 9.01 of SpamTitan email security solution, which is now due for imminent release. The latest version of the award-winning email security solution includes several requested features to improve usability for MSPs. Some of the new features with the 9.01 release include:

  • Availability of history/quarantine for MSPs allowing MSPs to act on customer emails at the MSP level. ​
  • Pattern Filtering for MSPs – Simplification of the administration of SpamTitan allowing customers to be secured from one place.​
  • Link Lock Inheritance – Link lock is inherited from the MSP level, so MSPs no longer need to drill down into individual domains to make changes.
  • Simplified Mail View – Improved user experience and easier email analysis.
  • ‘Other Products’ option – Makes it easier for MSPs to offer multiple TitanHQ solutions to their customers.