During this unprecedented time of uncertainty, the health and safety of our staff, clients, partners and their families is one of our main focuses and concerns. Team TitanHQ are dedicated to supporting our partners and customers. The advantages provided by our email and web security products are even more relevant and crucial now.

Our fantastic team has met at the challenge with vigor and we have mobilized our workforce so that it’s business as usual over this unusual period of time.  We are taking counsel from the government on best practice and have a task force in place to manage our work.

Customers and partners can be happy that support teams will continue to be available and product teams are working as normal. If you have any queries or concerns about products, or technical support, please contact us as you normally would  The support team has been trained to be aware of special customer concerns during this pandemic and will escalate any question to the relevant responsible person or department.

Our new documentation and set up resource has been extremely busy during the period.  You can access it here and as always our support team is available at https://www.titanhq.com/support-portal/

We are conscious that this is a sensitive time and we will do everything we can to make it easier for our customers. All of us at TitanHQ wish you good health and thank you for your continued business.