TitanHQ has announced that the ArcTitan cloud email archiving service has benefited from a major upgrade which will greatly enhance performance and reliability. Customers in the EU and US are in the process of being migrated to the new email archiving systems and are being contacted to transfer their accounts to the new infrastructure.

The transfer process has been made as simple as possible for existing customers. TitanHQ will be in touch to provide details of the new ArcTitan account and will talk customers through reconfiguring their connector/mail server to point to the new server. Once the change has been made, all new emails will be sent to the account on the new server. TitanHQ will then verify mail flow and the original account will be closed off to new emails.

During the transition, customers may still need to access emails archived through the old account. Searches can still be performed, and historical mail can be searched and accessed as and when required. The next step involves transferring the old archive onto the new infrastructure. When TitanHQ completes the migration, the customer will be contacted and asked to verify that the archive has been transferred. Once verified, TitanHQ will delete the old account and the archived emails and customers will be able to access their full archive on the new server.

The new email archiving system has been introduced to improve performance and reliability and uses a high availability system that is self-maintaining, self-healing, and has improved scalability and ensures archiving can take place with minimal effort and zero downtime.

The new and improved ArcTitan email archiving service is delivered as a high availability Kubernetes structure, with multiple components working together in harmony. The new system ensures that each component is independently available, so should any component go down, due to a outage for example, all other components will still be available. The component that has gone down will be taken offline and automatically repaired, without any effect on the other components.

Archive searches and email recovery is lightning fast, as with the old system. Each email receives a unique identity for its entire lifespan and is fully indexed, including the message headers, subject line, body, sender/receiver, and email attachments. Customers can search millions of emails in seconds.  ArcTitan indices are distributed across Apache SoLr instances simultaneously and raw email data is encrypted and stored in Replicated Persistent Storage on Ceph storage clusters, with automated replication and fail over.

A high availability database Percona XtraDB MySQL cluster is deployed within Kubernetes for handling all database operations and ArcTitan uses tiered storage on Amazon S3 ensuring reliability, redundancy, and scalability. ArcTitan customers will also benefit from a new, intuitive GUI.


We are sure you will be happy with the changes and improved performance and reliability of the new ArcTitan email archiving system.  If you have any questions about the migration to the new ArcTitan systems, give the customer service team a call and they will be happy to answer your questions about the new system and the planned migration.