Although the aims of the Children´s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) – and later state legislation relating to web filters for schools – were undoubtedly well-intentioned, some educational institutions have been reluctant to adapt school web filtering software.

Some of the reasons for this reluctance are logical. Over-zealous web filters for schools can stop students from accessing educational material and teenage support groups, while students from lower-income families without home Internet can be hindered by “digital deprivation” in an over-filtered environment.

It is sometimes the case that school web filtering software is responsible for an over-filtered environment. Depending on the extent of the software, it may have a high maintenance overhead or lack the versatility to account for students of different ages studying a wide range of topics.

In these instances, it is easier for system managers to apply the maximum security settings to ensure compliance with federal and state laws. This is when the issues are seen. Now, there is a solution from SpamTitan that can resolve these issues quickly and simply – WebTitan Cloud.

WebTitan Cloud is cloud-based school web filtering software that is quick to put in place and easy to configure. Being a cloud-based solution, there is no hardware to buy or software to be installed – so no technical skills are required and there are no upfront costs to consider.

Once active, WebTitan Cloud uses a three-tier mechanism to review each request to visit a website against its filtering parameters, providing the level of granularly web filters for schools should have in order to be effective in a multi-age, multi-cultural environment.

The filtering parameters can be created according to age, by user, by class, or by year – and password protected – to ensure each student is able to access the educational and age-appropriate material they need to become digitally literate and in order to be able to seek help from support groups if needed.

Along with its versatility, WebTitan Cloud provides a safe barrier against online content prohibited by CIPA and protects networks and users´ devices against malware, adware, spyware and ransomware. Our school web filtering software also has security measures to prevent students trying circumnavigate the filtering parameters. With WebTitan Cloud schools can:

  • Restrict access to VPNs and proxy websites.
  • Set up multilingual filter settings.
  • Stop access to cached website pages.
  • Filter out numerical IP addresses.

For schools that supply a wireless network for students, WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is equally as versatile and safe. Our school web filtering software for wireless networks allows schools to manage the content students can access from their mobile devices, and supplies a deep analysis of network activity – right down to the online activity of each individual user.

In states where parents have the right to state the level of Internet access their children can have at school, the versatility of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi prevents the scenario in which every child has to adhere to the wishes of the strictest parent. The detailed level of oversight also helps to identify students who may be using the Internet inappropriately and who are then vulnerable to online attacks.

Our WiFi web filters for schools can be deployed to filter Internet content from a single hotspots or multiple hotspots. It safeguards users´ devices as well as the school´s network without affecting the speed at which web content is sent. They also have a very useful bandwidth-restricting function that can stops students consuming a school´s bandwidth by streaming sports, films and music videos.

Our school web filtering software for both fixed networks and wireless networks has been created to be effective against online threats, compliant with federal and states laws, easy to use and sufficient versatile to resolve issues about stopping students from accessing educational material and teenage support groups. Now we ask you to test our web filters for schools for free.

If your school has been reluctant to put in place school web filtering software due to worries regarding an over-filtered environment, we invite you to contact us and discuss your concerns. Our team of Sales Technicians will reply to any questions you have about web filters for schools and invite you to have a free trial of WebTitan Cloud or WebTitan Cloud for WiFi – whichever is the most proper solution for your specific circumstances.

There are no set up expenses to address, no credit cards are required and there are no contracts to complete order to take advantage of our offer. Our free trial is intended to give you the chance to evaluate the merits of school web filtering in your own environment and there is no obligation on you to go on using our service once the free trial has ended. Call us now and your school could be safeguarding your students from online dangers and inappropriate content within 15 minutes.