Email archiving is a great way for a company to win business and boost revenue. Although it is often an overlooked service, it can add value and improve profits for MSPs. Email archiving has a high margin, generates regular additional income, is easy to implement and manage and is an easy sell to clients.

Email Archiving in SMBs

Email archiving is now essential for organisations of all sizes, from SMBs to the largest enterprises. Large numbers of emails are sent and received on a daily basis by companies. Copies of those emails need to be stored, saved, and often retrieved. Storage of emails in mailboxes can often pose problems. Emails and attachments often need a considerable amount of storage, which means hardware must be purchased and maintained. Storing large volumes of emails in mailboxes is not a secure way of storing emails.

Although storing emails in backups is an option, it is far from ideal. Space is still needed and recovering emails when they are required is not a straightforward task as backup files are not indexed and searching for messages can take a considerable amount of time.

An email archive, in comparison, is indexed and searchable and therefore emails can be retrieved on demand quickly and with ease. If there is a legal dispute or when an organisation needs to demonstrate compliance (with GDPR or HIPAA for example) businesses need to be able to recover emails in an efficient manner. Additionally, an email archive also provides a clear chain of custody, which is also required to comply with a lot of regulations.

Cloud-based archives offer secure storage for emails and have no restrictions on storage space. The cloud storage offered is also highly scalable and emails can be easily retrieved, regardless of the location.

In summary, email archiving can enhance security, lower costs, improve efficiency and is an invaluable compliance tool.

Email Archiving in MSPs

Due to the benefits of email archiving it should be an easy sell for MSPs, either as Office 365 archiving-as-a-service as an add-on or incorporated into existing email packages. This is in order to offer greater value and make your packages unique compared to those of your competitors.

Office 365 archiving-as-a-service will generate regular income for very little effort as an add-on service. It will also improve the meagre returns from simply offering Office 365 to your clients. Overall, it can help you to attract more business when put as part as a package.

Email Archiving Made Simple Made Simple for MSPs by ArcTitan

TitanHQ is a leading provider of cloud-based security solutions for MSPs. TitanHQ products such as SpamTitan, WebTitan and ArcTitan SaaS email archiving have all been developed from the group up to specifically meet the various needs of MSPs.

ArcTitan has been developed by TitanHQ to be easy to implement and manage. It seamlessly integrates into MSPs service stacks, allowing them to provide greater value to clients and make email services a much more lucrative offering. As a result of this, TitanHQ is able to offer generous margins on ArcTitan for MSPs.

Benefits of ArcTitan for MSPs

  • Easy implementation
  • Software downloads not necessary
  • No hardware requirements
  • Secure, cloud-based storage
  • Easy to operate centralised management system
  • Increases profitability of Office 365
  • Highly scalable email archiving
  • Easy set up for MSPs
  • Usage easy for clients
  • Improved margins for MSPs
  • Full suite of APIs supplied for simpler integration
  • Multiple hosting options: TitanHQ Cloud, dedicated private cloud, or host the solution in your own data centre
  • Fully rebrandable (ArcTitan can be supplied in white-label form ready for your own branding)
  • Usage-based pricing and monthly billing available
  • World class customer service and support

If you are yet to start offering email archiving to your clients or if you are unhappy with your current provider, contact the TitanHQ MSP team today for full ArcTitan product information, pricing details and further information on our MSP Program.