Cloud Email Archiving

Email archiving is now a requirement for most businesses and cloud email archiving is often the most cost-effective choice. Cloud-based archiving services eliminate the complexity of email archiving while ensuring you meet all of your legal email retention obligations.

While it is possible to store emails within your email system, this places a great deal of strain on your mail server. The volume of emails now being sent means a separate storage solution for old emails is required. Creating backups of emails is fine for disaster recovery, but email backups are no use if email needs to be recovered and restored in the event of an audit or for eDiscovery. Email backups cannot be searched easily, so finding the emails you need could be an incredibly labor-intensive and time-consuming process.

Email archives are designed for long-term email storage and easy recovery of email data on demand. An email archiving solution will help you manage the ever-increasing volume of email data and will greatly reduce the storage space required. Organizations that move email data from their mail system to an archive typically reduce email storage space by 75%-80%, with maintenance time typically reduced by around 50%.

Cloud-based Email Archiving Solutions for Businesses

Email archiving was traditionally achieved using email archiving software. The software is used to automate the process of email archiving and sends email data to an archive on a physical appliance or dedicated on-premise server. Email archiving software is still used by many businesses, as are physical email archiving appliances; however, email archiving in the cloud is now fast becoming the norm.

In contrast to appliances, there are no restrictions placed on email volume with cloud-based email archives. As the volume of email grows, there is no need to keep increasing local storage capacity and you will not need to keep buying additional appliances. Cloud email archiving adapts to the changing needs of your business. When more storage space is required, capacity will be automatically increased. If you reduce the number of users, capacity can be reduced without leaving you with storage space that you are paying for but not using. With a cloud archive, all email data is stored securely in one place. That makes it easier to search and recover emails and far easier to secure your email data.

An email archive in the cloud allows email archiving to be offloaded by the IT department. There are no maintenance costs, no software needs to be patched or updated, and backups are performed automatically by the service provider. That means there is zero burden on the IT department. A cloud email archiving service really is a set and forget solution.

The ArcTitan Cloud Email Archiving Solution

With ArcTitan, emails are protected with end-to-end encryption and are encrypted and stored securely at rest in IL5 certified data centers. Passwords are hashed and encrypted, archives are scanned with antivirus technology, and ArcTitan supports single sign-on and has strong authentication controls. The security of your email archive is fully managed for you and your archive is automatically backed up to ensure that your data can always be recovered.

The speed of cloud email archiving is a big attraction. Emails can be sent to ArcTitan at a rate of around 200 emails a second, and data recovery is lightning fast. When you need to perform a search, ArcTitan will scan up to 30 million emails a second. Searches can be combined and saved, emails and attachments can be searched at the same time, and multiple searches can be performed simultaneously. All emails that need to be recovered can then be viewed, restored to a mailbox, or exported to several different file types. There are no proprietary data formats with ArcTitan. When you need your data, it is always available, even if your email service is down.

ArcTitan is fully compliant with federal, state, and industry regulations and makes email archiving compliance simple. You can allow users to access their own archives through their mail client to ease the burden on the IT department, or your archive can be accessed through an easy to use web-based portal.

Some cloud email archiving solutions charge you for the number of mailboxes, so you end up paying even if employees leave the company. With ArcTitan you only pay for the number of active users. The pricing is also extremely competitive. ArcTitan is one of the lowest cost email archiving solutions on the market.

To find out more about ArcTitan, the benefits of cloud email archiving, for details of pricing, and to book a demo of ArcTitan in action, give the TitanHQ team a call today.