Cloud Email Storage

Many businesses take advantage of cloud email storage to eliminate the risks and costs associated with on-premises email storage. However, there is a more secure and less expensive alternative that can better support regulatory compliance and boost productivity – email archiving.

There is little doubt that cloud email storage has advantages over on-premises email storage. Cloud email storage offers redundancy, remote access, and automatic back-up capabilities that most on-premises servers do not have, and the cost of storage in the cloud is much less than on-premises – even before you take indirect costs into account such as maintenance, electricity, and so on.

However, cloud email storage is not a complete solution for many businesses – especially those in regulated industries where the integrity of an email has to be assured to satisfy compliance requirements. Additionally, due to widely varying retention requirements, managing a database of emails stored in the cloud and retrieving emails on demand is a major administrative burden.

Consequently, a viable alternative to cloud email storage is cloud email archiving. Cloud email archiving solutions copy each email as it passes through the mail server – so an immutable copy is saved in real time – deduplicates each email to save on storage costs and indexes each email according to policies applied by the business to accelerate future searches and retrievals.

Further Benefits of Email Archiving Solutions

Businesses subject to compliance requirements cannot take chances with the security, permanence, and auditability of data stored in emails, so email archiving solutions include a wide range of capabilities to protect data against loss, damage, and theft. These include granular indexing and tagging capabilities and event logs, so an audit trail exists for all activity involving archived emails.

Email archiving solutions also have benefits for businesses outside regulated industries inasmuch as the deduplication process not only saves on storage costs, but also accelerates searches (due to there being less data to search through) and produces fewer results – boosting productivity and speed to delivery when businesses are required to respond to a GDPR data access request.

Furthermore, because an immutable copy exists of every inbound and outbound email, any emails deleted in error or misplaced within a sprawling email database can be quickly retrieved and restored from the cloud archive. This does not need to be done by an administrator as the individual can do it themselves (subject to access controls) – reducing the calls made to the IT help desk.

Compare Your Cloud Email Storage against ArcTitan

If your business is experiencing cloud email storage issues, consider implementing an email archiving solution from ArcTitan. ArcTitan goes above and beyond the requirements for email archiving compliance by digitally signing and verifying archived emails, hashing and encrypting passwords, scanning emails and attachments for viruses, and supporting multiple user authentication methods.

Once ArcTitan receives an archived email via TLS, it is stored in a tamper-proof environment where it can be accessed by authorized users and searched, reviewed, and retrieved as necessary. Due to the deduplication process highlighted above, ArcTitan can archive more than 200 emails per second, search a database of thirty million emails within a second, and return results to users in minutes.

If you would like to see ArcTitan in action to compare it against your business´s existing cloud email storage solution, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team of security experts will be happy to guide you through ArcTitan´s capabilities, answer any questions you have, and organize a free demo of our email archiving solution at a convenient time for you and your IT security teams.