Cloud or On Premise Archiving?


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Cloud or On Premise Archiving?

One of the main questions we get in relation to ArcTitan is “Should we move our email archiving to the cloud?”

We have looked at this question and decided to interpret it as “Should I trust you with my email?”

So here are 5 Reasons we believe you should trust us with your mail and yes, move your email archiving to the cloud.

Our Infrastructure is built on Amazons Virtual Private Cloud on AWS. These are isolated incidences giving additional security; this is as robust and redundant as hosting gets. Not only that, we also do back ups of our whole infrastructure within AWS so even in the unlikely event something went wrong with our primary infrastructure we have a back up of everythingEverything is encrypted, you can use TLS Encryption to send us your email, and when it is stored, it is stored encrypted using AES 128 encryption.It is secure. We use passwords that are hashed and encrypted to control access. We offer inbuilt certificate management. We offer delegated management role options so you can control who has access to what.While there are many reasons companies archive email, one of the main reasons is to have a back up of your email in case of any event destroying your on premises mail server. Does it not make sense to have this back up off site, and if so why not use a mutli national global enterprise level infrastructure to do so?It makes economic sense. Aside from all the business case arguments used to promote cloud computing today, the main driver for its popularity is economic. When all the costs of providing an archiving solution are totaled, and remember, most archiving legislation calls for a 7 year retention period, the cost benefits of using a cloud based solution over an on premises solution soon materialize. Provisioning, management, up grading all add up quickly. With the cloud solution once you are set up, that’s it.

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