Content Filtering Solution

Despite the fact that they all have the same endgame in mind, content filtering solutions differ greatly and it can be difficult to pick the product that is best suited to your business. Here we aim to direct you on using a content filtering solution that is right for your company.

We will review what the correct features are, what to avoid and what the advantages of implementing a solution are.

Correct Features to Implement

  • Granular management controls allow optimum refinement in relation to who can view different types of content. Boasting a solution with a highly granular setting will mean you can have more freedom to meet the specific demands of your company and sector.
  • Easy implementation means easier configuration. Less ongoing maintenance being required and much more straightforward management. It should not take much time to set up the solution on your network by any member of staff.
  • Allocation of Permissions based on Role: Content filtering solutions must be able to allocate alternative privileges for different people working in a company. A CEO may require more Internet privileges than a casual laborer or accountant
  • Time-Based Content Restrictions: This will allow you to turn on personal access to platforms like social media or online shopping during lunch or break times.
  • Automated Reports: These will greatly reduce the amount of time that managers spend delving through reports on internet usage on reviewing the various web sites that were accessed. This will also allow you it see if there is an issue being created anywhere in relation to the strain on your company bandwidth, something that could have massive implications for work productivity

Website Content Filtering Software Benefits

For most groups, the chief aim in implementing a content filtering solution is to enhance cybersecurity measures. However, there are a number of other benefits to consider along with this.

  1. Less chance of malicious software installations and phishing attacks by implementing a website content filtering solution to block user access to malicious web pages websites. The solutions provide an extra tier of security alongside to prevent cybercriminals from obtaining access to your databases.
  2. You can manage the access that users of your network have to specific types of content . This is important as marketing staff may require access to social networks, buyers may need online shopping and students may need many different access levels for research purposes.
  3. The enforcement of acceptable use policies (AUPs) and prevention of viewing of inappropriate web content in the workplace can be successfully accomplished easily using this solution.
  4. There are a number of commercial advantages to consider also such as maintaining a reputation as a trustworthy partner that does everything possible to protect clients and staff members.