DNS Filtering Service

In order to create a safe environment for Internet use in schools colleges you should invest ina DNS filtering service designed specifically for educational institutions.

Doing so will mean that students, teachers, and administrators are safeguarding from anything malicious found online that impacts their lives. You will be able to set customized permissions, using the granular control of Acceptable Use Policies, to make sure that no one is missing out on something that is very important for their ongoing educations.

Using Granular Controls is Straightforward

As DNS filtering for educational institutions completes checks at great speed it can compare IP to see if they are in adherence with Acceptable Use Policies. This means that system managers can apply more granular policies. In other words setting can be applied for different levels including such as students of different subjects, different age groups or different academic departments administrative staff.

The management of this is relatively straightforward using the main dashboard where different categories of website content can have access disabled with one mouse click. Controls can also be put in place for when particular websites can be viewed according by time (for after school studies) or by bandwidth.

The extent of the granularity available varies in relation to how policy exclusions can be applied at lower level. On some networks, policy exclusions have to be put in place for a district administrator. This can take some time and increases the amount of work involved. With DNS filtering for educational institutions, role-based access controls permit teachers to set up exclusions when necessary.

Why DNS Filtering Services are Important for Schools

DNS filtering services for schools are operating via the Domain Name System (DNS) of giving IP addresses to specific domain names to speed up communications between devices. Instead of simply blocking access to websites that host malware – or that breach Acceptable Use Policies – by their names, DNS filtering for schools prevents access using IP addresses.

This is the best way of creating a safe online environment as, due to blocking domains that may be acting as launchpad for malware or be in breach of Acceptable Use Policies, DNS filtering for schools also blocks sub-domains sharing the same IP address that spammers or anyone else using the system be using to get around security measures.