Email Archiving Best Practices

An email archive is needed for the long-term storage of emails to meet compliance requirements. When implementing a new email archiving solution, it is important to follow email archiving best practices and get things working correctly from the start. Time spent choosing the right solution that meets your needs will pay dividends in the long run.

Email Archiving Best Practices and Recommendations

The email archiving best practices listed below are intended to save you time, effort, and prevent problems selecting, setting up, and maintaining an email archive.

Choose a Solution that will Grow with Your Business

If you are considering an on-premise archive, you will need to evaluate your current storage requirements and factor in how much your business is likely to grow and how your storage requirements may change over time. With cloud-based email archiving, this is less of a concern due to the scalability of the cloud. A cloud-based archive can adapt with your business as it grows. With ArcTitan, there is no limit on the number of users or storage space. Your email storage space grows dynamically as your email data grows over time.

Choose an Email Archiving Solution That Supports All Email Data

Many email providers offer an archiving service, but they do not support a wide range of data types. If you use the Office 365 archive, you will likely experience problems importing legacy email data. ArcTitan supports a wide range of data types. You can import existing archive data from MS Exchange, Google Apps, EML, MBOX, MSG, or PST, you can export in several different formats, and you are not locked into proprietary data formats so there are no costly data conversions. You can easily move some or all of your data to other systems at any time if you so wish.

Seek Legal Advice

It is important to seek legal advice and obtain up to date information on email retention periods and to set your policies accordingly. Mistakes can prove to be very costly. Email retention requirements vary considerably from regulation to regulation and different retention periods apply to different types of data. For instance, if you are a HIPAA-covered entity, you will need to keep records about policies and compliance for 6 years, emails relating to the death of a patient for 2 years, and emails about a child’s healthcare until the child reaches 21 years of age. The email retention requirements for tax laws also vary depending on the type of tax, ranging from 3 years top 7 years in the United States.

Update Your Email Retention Policies Annually

Once you have set policies in your email archiving solution, you can relax in the knowledge that emails are being retained and you are compliant. However, laws do change, so it is important to regularly review your policies to ensure you remain compliant. Conduct an annual review of your email retention policies and ensure they are updated to take any regulatory changes into account.

Use Your Archive for Storing Other Important Data

It is useful to keep a range of data in an easy-to-search archive, but not all email archiving solutions allow you to store multiple data types. With ArcTitan, in addition to securely storing email messages, you can also store email attachments, calendars, contacts, notes, instant messages, and PST files. Whenever you need to access the data and retrieve it, you can do so quickly and easily via the search UI.

Automation is Your Friend

Many archiving services rely on manual processes, which means you need to set your policies, provide training to your employees, and hope that they follow your policies to the letter. That leaves a lot to chance. With ArcTitan, email archiving is made simple. ArcTitan archives all sent and received emails in real time, automating the whole process. Through automation, mistakes are eliminated, and no email will ever be lost. This automated approach and instant archiving of all emails will save a considerable amount of time and boost productivity. You can also set email retention policies to suit your needs, prevent the deletion of sensitive emails, and set policies to meet legal hold requirements.

ArcTitan Cloud – Easy Email Archiving for SMBs and Managed Service Providers

TitanHQ has developed a cloud-based email archiving solution that takes the stress out of implementing and maintaining an email archive. With ArcTitan Cloud, SMBs can quickly and easily implement their email archiving policy and start securely archiving their emails to meet federal, state, and industry regulations. ArcTitan meets all regulatory standards for email archiving and eDiscovery and serves as a black box flight recorder for your email.

ArcTitan archives and indexes emails in real time and protects emails with end to end encryption from your email server to TitanHQ’s secure data center, which is certified to the IL5 standard. All emails in the archive are protected against tampering with full tamper-proof access logs maintained and 100% protection against data loss.

ArcTitan is compatible with all mail servers, email services, and operating systems, including Office 365. ArcTitan enhances the email search and storage functionality of Office 365, eliminating the complexity and providing massive cost and time savings.

ArcTitan is lightning fast, with a load performance of over 200 emails per second from your email server along with fast search and instant retrieval of emails from the archive from desktop or mobile.

ArcTitan is highly scalable, with no limits on the number of users or storage space in the cloud. There is a flexible and transparent pricing policy with a per live user subscription model.

Managed Services Providers (MSPs) benefit from generous margins and ArcTitan can be supplied as a white label ready for MSPs to brand and sell as a hosted email archiving service.

If you need to start archiving emails, are unhappy with your current service provider, or you are an MSP that wants to add a hosted email archiving solution to your service stack to start generating regular, long-term monthly recurring revenue, call the TitanHQ team today to find out more about ArcTitan. ArcTitan is also available on a 100% free trial with no set up costs so you can evaluate the solution before making a decision.