Email Archiving Compliance Requirements

There are email archiving compliance requirements for businesses that cover many different data types which must be retained for a minimum retention period and produced in the event of an audit, compliance review, eDiscovery request, or legal dispute.

While it is possible to meet compliance obligations for data retention by backing up mailboxes, if emails or attachments ever need to be recovered, it may not be possible to find them in backups. Even finding the right backup to restore can be a challenge if the emails that need to be recovered date back several years.

The reason for this is backups are not intended for long-term email storage – they are a disaster recovery solution for restoring mailboxes in the event of mailbox corruption, hardware failure, or cyberattacks. Backups do not index emails, which means backups cannot easily be searched. If you want to recover individual emails or search for emails across multiple mailboxes over several years, backups will be almost useless for data recovery. Further, backups do not create a tamper-proof copy of emails, so it would not be possible to prove that an email is in its original form.

To meet regulatory requirements and ensure emails and associated data can be quickly found and recovered, an email archive is required. Email archives preserve the message headers, message bodies, email attachments, and index emails as they are sent to the archive. Indexing the emails allows searches to be performed, which means individual emails can be quickly and easily found in the archive and recovered or exported. Email archives streamline and automate data retention and create a tamper-proof copy of all emails.

When policies are applied, all emails that need to be retained will be automatically sent to the archive. Email archiving solutions are set-and-forget solutions requiring little in the way of maintenance, but they will be there when you need them and will save many hours of valuable time.

Email Archiving for Compliance with eDiscovery Requests

Most laws with data retention periods require data to be retained for several years, or in some cases indefinitely. Requests may be received from regulators asking for copies of email data relevant to an investigation or as part of a compliance review. eDiscovery requests may be received that require all emails associated with a case to be produced. There is usually a short time frame for producing the requested data, which may be only days or weeks.

Finding the requested emails can be an incredibly time-consuming task without a managed system for email retention. The request may require emails to be produced that span multiple mailboxes over several years. If you are unable to perform searches, you may not be able to provide the requested emails, and certainly not in the stipulated time frame. That would leave you at risk of financial penalties or even criminal charges.

eDiscovery is labor-intensive, but email archiving compliance makes it quick and easy. Searches can be conducted of entire archives and all requested email data can be recovered in seconds or minutes rather than days, weeks, or even months without a streamlined eDiscovery management system.

Email Archiving Compliance with Industry Regulations

There are many industry-specific laws that require data to be retained for long periods, including HIPAA, SOC, and FINRA. Compliance failures can be costly, with financial penalties often costing millions of dollars. The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and similar laws, require personal data to be protected but also give individuals the right to access the personal data a company holds on them. When a data access or a data deletion request is received, it will be necessary to provide or delete personal data stored in email accounts. Email archiving compliance ensures those requests can be honored quickly and automated to a large extent, which is just as well as with the GDPR, as requests for access and data deletion have a timeframe for compliance of just 30 days.

Email Archiving Compliance with ArcTitan

ArcTitan has been developed to make email archiving compliance as simple as possible. ArcTitan is a highly granular email archiving solution for SMBs, enterprises, and managed service providers that allows email archiving policies to be easily set to meet legal and compliance requirements.

Policies can be set to automatically send certain emails to the archive for long-term storage, and the system can be entirely managed through Outlook or accessed from anywhere via the web portal. Users can perform searches of their own archive from their Outlook client, so they need never trouble the IT department when emails are accidentally deleted from their mailboxes. ArcTitan can also be seamlessly integrated with Office 365.

Emails are indexed to allow lightning-fast searches of archives, and archives are deduplicated and compressed and stored in the cloud. Businesses typically save around 75% on storage space when switching to ArcTitan and make significant savings on storage space.

ArcTitan is compliant with GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and eDiscovery, and ensures important emails are never lost. All emails are protected by end-to-end encryption when sent to the archive and are encrypted at rest, with robust access controls to prevent unauthorized data access. ArcTitan is a 100% cloud-based solution with full protection against data loss, with email archives always accessible, even during server outages.

If you are looking for an email archiving compliance solution, want to protect against data loss, comply with industry regulations, and always ensure your business-critical emails can be accessed, ArcTitan is the answer. Further, ArcTitan is competitively priced and has allowed many businesses to make significant savings by switching from another email archiving service provider. For more information, details of pricing, or to book a product demonstration, give the TitanHQ team a call.