Email Archiving for the MSP

There are no easier solutions than email archiving for the MSP to generate regular recurring monthly revenue from their clients. MSPs that have not yet added email archiving to their service stack are missing out on a great opportunity for increasing monthly revenue from each client for next to no work.

An email archiving service is needed by most businesses to securely store emails to comply with federal, state, and industry regulations. Backups are important as they ensure that email data is never lost. They allow the email system to be restored in the event of a ransomware attack or if email files get corrupted. Backups are not usually stored for long periods of time as the content of mailboxes change. Typically, you only need a backup for a relatively short period of time for disaster recovery purposes.

Archiving on the other hand is meant for long term email storage. Archiving allows you to clear mailboxes to avoid storage issues without deleting emails and improve the performance of your mail server. Emails in the archive are typically not needed often but need to be retained for several years for compliance purposes. When required, individual emails can be found quickly and restored to a mailbox (or exported to a file) as archives are searchable. Businesses should really have a backup and an archive, as each serves a different purpose.

As with all of our cloud-based solutions, our email archiving product – ArcTitan – has been developed to meet the needs of MSPs. ArcTitan is an ideal email archiving product for MSPs of all sizes and is a true multi-tenant solution that is highly scalable. ArcTitan can be scaled to 60,000 users and there are essentially no limits on storage space. You simply pay for a license for the number of active users.

All emails are protected with end-to end encryption and are stored securely on Replicated Persistent Storage on AWS S3. Messages headers, sender/receiver, subject, message body, and attachments are indexed separately, and indices are distributed across Apache Solr instances simultaneously and along with the deduplication of messages to remove duplicate content, means searches are lightning fast. ArcTitan processes and archives 200 messages a second and searches are conducted at a rate of 30 million messages a second.

ArcTitan is compliant with several industry regulations such as HIPAA and SOX and meets Federal Rules for Civil Procedure and eDiscovery requirements, slashing the time and cost of compliance and conducting formal searches.

To make email archiving for the MSP as easy as possible, our engineers help MSPs get up and running and will even work directly with an MSP’s email service provider if required to get the solution set up in the shortest possible time. You can have the ArcTitan branded solution or it can be supplied in white label form ready to accept your own branding for reselling, there are multiple hosting options for service providers and APIs are supplied for easy integration into service providers management systems, and great margins for MSPs.

ArcTitan is 100% cloud based so there are no hardware requirements and ArcTitan is a truly set and forget solution with next to no management overhead. ArcTitan allows you to generate regular recurring revenue for next to no effort. Further, since your clients will have a long-term email storage solution through you, it should help with client retention and winning multi-year contracts.

We recommend taking advantage of the free trial of ArcTitan email archiving for MSPs for 30 days on your own email system before offering it to your clients. We are sure you will love it and want to offer it to your clients, and we will provide assistance every step of the way. Typically, the solution can be set up on the same day, depending on your email service provider.

For more information on ArcTitan Email archiving for the MSP, give our channel team a call today.