Email Archiving Service

An email archiving service is a long-term email storage solution provided as software-as-a-service (SaaS) for the purpose of regulatory compliance, litigation support and eDiscovery, storage management, business continuity, and disaster recovery.

The SaaS solution provider has the infrastructure for storage and protects that infrastructure with appropriate safeguards to keep all email data 100% secure. An email archiving service is the easiest email archiving solution to implement and maintain and the quickest to set up. There are no hardware requirements, no costly hardware maintenance, and most of the security controls are managed for you. An email archiving service removes the complexity from long term email storage and ensures that, come what may, you always have access to your email data when you need it.

An Email Archive is Not the Same as an Email Backup

Many people confuse email archives with backups. While both can serve a similar purpose – disaster recovery – there are important differences between the two. An email backup is a short-term storage solution used for disaster recovery. In the event of disaster, such as a system crash or cyberattack, a backup allows you to restore mailboxes or the entire email system to a specific point in time – The time when the backup was created.

An email archive is a tamper-proof repository for all email messages. Read-only copies of sent and received mails are sent to an email archive for long term, secure storage. The emails are retained in their original form on infrastructure that is physically separate from your mail servers. In contrast to backups, email archives can be searched. When emails need to be recovered, individual or groups of messages can easily be found, recovered, and restored. If a request is received through eDiscovery, or if there is an audit, messages, file attachments, and other data can quickly and easily be found. That process could take days or weeks without an email archive.

An Email Archiving Service Simplifies Email Storage

An email archiving service streamlines and simplifies email management. With an email archiving service there is no need for on-premise hardware and there are no software clients to download. The email archive can be accessed through a web-based user interface through a normal web browser, or end users can access the archive through a separate folder in their mail client (e.g. Outlook) on their PC, laptop, or mobile device. If an email ever needs to be found, the archive can be searched, and emails can be found in seconds.

An email archiving service sees emails sent to the cloud for long-term storage freeing up mailboxes. Compression and deduplication reduce storage requirements and businesses can typically reduce storage volume by between 50%-80%. Server performance is enhanced with load reduced by up to 80% and there is no need for mailbox quotas and PST files. Maintenance time is also slashed, often by up to 50%.

An Email Archiving Service Lowers Costs

An email archiving service lowers the cost of long-term email storage. The cost of on-premise bare metal or virtualized servers is high compared to the cloud as on-premise hardware typically requires storage on expensive disks and technologies. Economies of scale mean cheaper costs for cloud-based storage. Productivity can also be enhanced as IT teams do not have to maintain hardware as they would with on-premise archives, mail server problems are reduced, and there are fewer support calls as employees can be allowed to access their own archives and perform searches themselves when they misplace an email.

Simplification of Compliance

Email archiving is important for compliance with industry regulations such as FERPA, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and PCI DSS. There are also IRS, FCC, FDA, GDPR, and SEC regulations covering email retention. Each of these laws has different requirements for different types of data and there is a range of data retention periods. A cloud-based email archiving services simplify compliance with these regulations by allowing data retention periods to be set for different data types. Emails and associated data are retained for the correct time period and are never lost, and email deletion can be automated when data retention periods are over. An email archive also allows you to have quick and easy access to emails for litigation support, eDiscovery, and audits and acts as a black box flight recorder for email data.

ArcTitan Cloud – A Flexible, Secure and Easy to Use Email Archiving Solution for SMBs and MSPs

ArcTitan Cloud is a lightning fast email archiving service for businesses, educational institutions, and managed service providers. ArcTitan has a robust search capability that allows emails to be quickly and easily found and retrieved on demand. Emails can be searched at a rate of 30 million in under a second, multiple searches can be performed simultaneously, and searches can be combined and saved. Arctitan uses true end-to-end encryption for data in transit, with passwords hashed and encrypted. All email data in the archive is stored securely on Replicated Persistent Storage on AWS S3, and the archive is backed up automatically and always available, including during email service provider outages.

The solution allows unlimited storage, is scalable to 60,000 users, and supports the archiving of inbound, outbound, and internal emails, calendars and contacts, attachments, and tasks in real time. ArcTitan automates email archiving and is a set and forget solution. Define your policies for archiving and email retention based on user, content, and attachments, and you can rest assured that all emails will be securely stored in the cloud and will be available when you need them.

ArcTitan can be fully integrated with your existing infrastructure and is compatible with virtually all mail servers, services, and clients. ArcTitan is also easy for end users and administrators to use and it can be set up in a matter of minutes. With ArcTitan Cloud, email archiving could not be any easier.

To find out more about ArcTitan Cloud, for details of pricing, and to arrange a product demonstration, give TitanHQ a call today.