Email Archiving Solutions

Email archiving is a requirement for many businesses. In this post we explore the different email archiving solutions that can be used for email retention to meet legal requirements.

Legal Requirement for Archiving Emails

In 2006, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures were amended calling for all emails, communications, and electronic files to be retained that may be relevant to current or future litigation. Many businesses are unaware that it is against the law to simply delete emails. In the event of legal action, the courts may request a copy of all electronically stored information (ESI) relative to the case. If the data has been deleted or cannot otherwise be produced, the consequences can be severe. Some companies have been fined millions of dollars for failing to archive emails.

If you are in a regulated industry such as healthcare or the financial services, you will also need to comply with industry-specific laws, which also have email archiving requirements. States also have email data retention laws that stipulate certain types of data must be retained. The email retention periods typically range from 1-7 years, although in some cases emails must be retained indefinitely.

How Does Email Archiving Work?

The main purpose of an email archive is to keep a copy of each message that is sent or received to meet federal, state, and industry regulations. In the event of an audit or legal action, if is likely that you will have to produce copies of emails.

An email archive is a searchable repository for your email data that is kept separate from your email server. Every time an email is sent or received a copy of the message will be sent to the archive for long-term storage. You can stipulate which emails need to be archived by adding an email archiving policy through your chosen solution, or you may wish to play it safe and save a copy of every email.

There are a number of different email archiving solutions to choose from, each of which have their merits. All options will allow you to meet your legal obligations, but the features, benefits, and costs can vary considerably between the different types.

Types of Email Archiving Solutions

There are four main types of archiving solutions. Hardware-based solutions, software solutions, cloud-based email archiving solutions, and hybrid solutions.

Email appliances are standalone hardware solutions that are supplied with the software already installed for storing your email. They are an easy option for email archiving but have some limitations. You will need to choose the appliance carefully as there is a limit to storage space. Once the space is used up on your appliance, you will need to upgrade. Email archiving appliances therefore lack flexibility. If your company expands in size, or email volume increases in the future, you will need to purchase a new appliance. You must also maintain the appliance and you will be responsible for security. You will also need to backup your archive. The appliances may be robust, but all hardware can fail so you will need a backup for disaster recovery.

Software solutions provide the email archiving software, but not the hardware. You will also need a server with an operating system such as Windows Server on which the software is installed. A separate server is recommended, unless you only have a handful of employees. You will also need database software to store your archive. Licenses for the software need to be purchased and you may have to pay extra for support services. You will be responsible for updating the software, which may have an additional cost. As with an appliance, it is your responsibility to secure your server.

Cloud Email Archiving Solutions

Cloud email archiving solutions such as ArcTitan require no hardware purchases or software installations. They are 100% cloud based. In the case of ArcTitan, the archiving software and your archive is housed on AWS. Cloud email archiving solutions are the easiest option for archiving emails. They are set and forget solutions with no ongoing maintenance required and security is managed for you. All emails are encrypted at rest and in transit. ArcTitan even backups up your archived email to ensure that in the event of disaster, your email will be 100% secure.

With cloud email archiving solutions you pay for licenses to use the solution. With ArcTitan there is no limit on storage space and the solution is scalable up to 60,000 users. In contrast to many cloud-based email archiving solutions, you only pay for active mailboxes.

Hybrid Email Archiving Solutions

Hybrid email archiving uses a combination of hardware, software, and the cloud. You could have an on-site appliance or software on an internal server for storing your archive and use the cloud to store a backup. With this option you get peace of mind that your archive can always be recovered in the event of hardware failure or a ransomware attack but will have the added cost of cloud storage for your archive.

Features of ArcTitan Cloud

  • 100% cloud-based email archiving – No hardware or software is required
  • Extremely competitive pricing
  • No limits on storage space
  • Virtually unlimited scalability
  • Fast email archiving – ArcTitan can process 200 emails a second
  • Rapid Search Function – Search 30 million messages a second
  • Enhances Search and Storage functionality of Office 365
  • Intuitive design ensures it is easy to use on desktop and mobile devices
  • Full encryption of emails at rest and in transit
  • Full audit trail maintained
  • Access the archive from your mail client or via a web-based portal
  • Full protection against data loss and mail server outages
  • Industry-leading customer support
  • ArcTitan Cloud is available on a free trial with full product support during the trial.
  • Product demonstrations can be arranged by calling TitanHQ

For further information on ArcTitan Cloud, call the TitanHQ sales team today.