Email Encryption Software for Managed Service Providers

TitanHQ has developed email encryption software for managed service providers to allow them to start offering encrypted email services to their clients to help them comply with data protection and privacy laws, protect sensitive email in transit, prevent costly data breaches, and better protect their brand image.

Why Businesses Need Email Encryption

Managed service providers often provide email security solutions to their clients to protect against malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks. Email archiving services are offered to help clients comply with data retention laws and protect against email loss, but there is an opportunity for increasing client spending by offering to protect emails in transit using email encryption software.

Virtually all businesses use email for communication, and almost all of those businesses send at least some sensitive data via email but email is not a secure method of communication. Emails are sent in plaintext by default, which means if they are intercepted, the content of messages and data in email attachments can be read, stolen, or altered. Even internal emails are at risk of unauthorized access. If malware is installed on the mail server or an employee’s workstation, all emails can be exfiltrated to the attacker’s command-and-control server.

The loss of data sent via email or the interception of sensitive messages can have serious consequences for businesses. If the personal data of employees or customers is intercepted, the information could be used to steal identities. Credit card and financial information could be misused, and lawsuits are commonly filed by victims of these types of data breaches. Numerous data protection and privacy laws have been introduced that call for the encryption of email data. If emails containing regulated data types are not encrypted, businesses can be fined by regulators and the fines can be considerable.

As a managed service provider, you can help your current customers better secure sensitive data and by offering encrypted email services you can win more business.

Email Encryption Software for MSPs

Providing email encryption services to clients used to be a challenge for MSPs. The time taken to set up and maintain public key infrastructure was simply not worth the effort for the revenue that could be generated, and email encryption software is often not well suited to MSPs.

To make it as easy as possible for MSPs to provide email encryption services to their clients, TitanHQ developed EncryptTitan. As with all TitanHQ solutions – SpamTitan Spam Filtering, WebTitan Web Filtering, ArcTitan Email Archiving, and SafeTitan Security Awareness Training – EncryptTitan has been developed specifically with the needs of MSPs in mind.

Providing email encryption software to clients can be a challenge, but not with EncryptTitan. EncryptTitan is a 100% cloud-based solution that requires no hardware, set up is a quick and easy process, and it is a multi-tenant solution that can be easily integrated into MSPs service stacks. The secure portal for clients to access emails can also be provided in white-label form ready to take an MSPs branding, the solution can be integrated into MSP systems via TitanHQ APIs, and there are generous margins for MSPs.

The solution uses conditional Transport Layer Security (TLS) as the preferred method of delivery, which requires no interaction by the recipient to decrypt and read messages. If the conditions of the TLS-verify delivery system are not met, EncryptTitan automatically delivers the message to the secure portal for the recipient to authenticate with and notifies when with an automatically generated email.

Users of the service can send encrypted emails with no user interaction required once policy-based encryption is set up. The solution will even automatically encrypt messages that contain certain data types. Keyword-based encryption is supported, with messages automatically encrypted if a specific keyword is included in the subject line. There is no steep learning curve for users of the solution, as most of the time, all encryption/decryption functions occur in the background.

Customers have access to an extensive set of reports which provide full visibility into the encrypted emails they send. They can see who has read, printed, saved, deleted, and replied to messages and there is also the option of recalling messages and setting time limits for reading encrypted messages before they are automatically deleted.

Contact TitanHQ to Find Out More

If you are interested in adding email encryption to your service stack, are unhappy with your current provider, or have any questions about EncryptTitan email encryption software, give the TitanHQ channel team a call today.