Email Storage Solutions

Most businesses use one or more email storage solutions to ensure the security, availability, and accessibility of email data. Some may store email data on-premises, some may store email data in the cloud, and some many use hybrid email storage solutions to separate email data subject to regulatory compliance from day-to-day email data.

Whatever types of email storage solutions are implemented, businesses frequently encounter cost issues due to the increasing volume of email data sent and received every day. According to, the number of emails sent and received on a daily basis has increased by 23% since 2017, and is forecast to increase a further 13% by 2025.

Many of these emails need to be retained due to corporate requirements, industry, state, and federal regulations, and international laws such as GDPR. This means businesses that store emails on-premises will have to invest more in on-site storage and off-site back-ups, while businesses that store email data in the cloud will find email storage costs increasing every month.

However, there is a way to reduce the amount of capital expenditure and operational expenditure on email storage solutions. Although it seems counter-intuitive, businesses that implement a cloud-based email archiving solution with deduplicating capabilities alongside their existing email storage solutions may be able to save up to 75% on email storage costs.

How You Can Save up to 75% on Email Storage Costs

With a cloud-based email archiving solution, whenever an email is sent or received, a copy is made immediately. The copy is sent securely to a virtual server in the cloud where it is virus-scanned, indexed and deduplicated. Thereafter, whatever happens to the email data in existing email storage solutions, there is always an immutable copy of the email which can be retrieved on demand.

The deduplication process is important because it removes duplicated content and attachments from archived emails. This has the consequences of reducing the amount of storage space required for archived emails, accelerating searches, and reducing the number of results each search produces – making it easier to respond to data access, audit, and “right to be forgotten” requests.

With a copy of every email stored in the cloud, businesses can clear out emails taking up space in on-premises servers or cloud-based servers. This not only saves up to 75% on email storage costs – when taking the cost of archiving into account – but generally tends to make servers work more efficiently while losing none of the availability, accessibility, and security of email data.

Find Out More about Email Storage Solutions from ArcTitan

ArcTitan is a powerful cloud-based email archiving solution capable of archiving more than 200 emails per second. Because it is cloud-based, there are no limits on the number of emails that can be archived, nor the number of users that can be authorized to access them; and, when an email needs to be retrieved ArcTitan can search a database of 30 million emails within a second.

Simple to deploy, configure, and use, ArcTitan integrates easily with Office 365, supports AD and Exchange authentication protocols, and offers granular, customizable role management. Furthermore, ArcTitan is compatible with all major email servers and email services, with a full reporting and audit suite, event log capabilities, and automatic back-up.

Therefore, if you are concerned about the cost issues associated with email storage solutions, you are invited to contact us and speak with an ArcTitan expert about implementing a cloud-based email archiving solution alongside your existing email storage solutions. Our expert will be happy to answer your questions and organization a free no-obligation demo of ArcTitan in action.