MSP Phishing Protection Services are in High Demand

MSP phishing protection services are in high demand due to the extent to which small- and medium-sized businesses are now being targeted by cybercriminals.

Phishing attacks are usually conducted to obtain credentials that provide threat actors with access to networks to steal data. Many threat actors use phishing to install malware such as banking Trojans, keyloggers, or malware droppers. Malware-as-a-service operations such as Emotet and TrickBot extensively use phishing emails to deploy their malware, and then sell the access to business networks to ransomware gangs. According to the 2020 Datto Ransomware Report, 78% of MSPs have reported ransomware attacks on their clients in the past two years and Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report indicates ransomware attacks increased by 13% in 2021.

MSP Phishing Protection is One of the Biggest Growth Areas

MSPs that provide an anti-phishing service can gain a competitive advantage and win more business. MSPs that do not offer such a cybersecurity package could well see their clients look for alternative MSPs that can provide those services. Cybersecurity and phishing protection is one of the biggest growth areas for MSPs.

Most SMBs will have rudimentary anti-phishing measures, such as the Exchange Online Protection (EOP) email security offering from Microsoft. While EOP offers basic protection and will block spam, standard phishing attacks, and known malware variants, a significant percentage of threats will still land in inboxes.

While a spam filtering solution was once sufficient for blocking spam and phishing emails, the phishing landscape has now changed and increasingly sophisticated attacks are now being conducted. Spam filters have become much better at detecting phishing attempts, but cybercriminals are constantly developing new tactics for bypassing email security defenses, and non-standard phishing attacks are being conducted with increasing frequency.

Phishing sites can be encountered by SMB employees through general web browsing and the number of phishing attacks conducted via social media networks, instant messaging services, and SMS messages has increased sharply. Phishing is also commonly conducted over the telephone. Recently, a campaign was identified that included a benign message that requested the recipient call a helpline of a cybersecurity company. No email security solution would have blocked the message as it contained no malicious content. The scam was then conducted over the telephone and the user was told to install software that contained malware.

Many SMBs lack the skills or resources to be able to manage a more comprehensive package of security solutions for reducing the risk from phishing, which is why MSP phishing protection is in such high demand. An MSP phishing protection service that incorporates layered protection against phishing attacks of all types will not only ensure that clients are better protected, it will greatly decrease the time MSPs have to spend fighting fires when employees of their clients are tricked by phishing scams.

A Comprehensive MSP Phishing Protection Package from TitanHQ

TitanHQ has been developing cybersecurity solutions for MSPs for more than 20 years. As the threat from phishing has increased, TitanHQ has bolstered its product portfolio to include three solutions to help MSPs implement layered defenses for their clients.

SpamTitan Cloud is an award-winning cloud-based anti-spam and anti-phishing solution for blocking spam, malware, and phishing threats. The solution includes anti-spoofing protection, signature- and behavior-based malware detection, outbound scanning, link scanning, and machine learning technology for predicting novel phishing attacks. SpamTitan Plus takes protection to the next level, with industry leading phishing URL detection and predictive phishing detection to combat automated bot campaigns.

The WebTitan DNS Filter is an award-winning cloud-based web filtering solution that adds an extra layer of protection against phishing attacks, providing time-of-click protection against malicious links in phishing emails and control over access to web content. The solution can be configured to prevent downloads of file types often used to install malware, restrict access to risky websites, and WebTitan will block access to all known malicious websites. The solution is fed threat intelligence from more than 500 million endpoints worldwide. When a malicious URL is detected, all users will be provided in just a few minutes.

These MSP phishing protection solutions create layered defenses for MSP clients, but technology is only part of the story. Security awareness training is also important, as phishing targets individuals. SafeTitan is an award-winning, comprehensive security awareness training platform with a huge library of training content. The platform includes a breach and attack simulation (BAS) tool – a phishing simulator – that can be used by MSPs to conduct phishing simulations on clients to identify knowledge gaps that could easily be exploited. The phishing simulator fully automates phishing tests so it will not interfere with production operations. The simulator can be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of security awareness training to clients at reducing susceptibility to phishing attacks and can be configured to automatically provide targeted training in response to phishing test failures.

All TitanHQ solutions are provided through the TitanShield MSP program and have been developed to be easy for MSPs to implement and sell to their clients. All TitanHQ solutions are provided with a host of MSP-friendly features to make it as easy as possible for MSP phishing protection services to be offered.

For more information on these MSP phishing protection solutions and the TitanShield MSP program, contact the TitanHQ channel team today.