Building a Modern MSP Security Stack

While it was once possible to implement a firewall, antivirus software, and a spam filter to defend against cyberattacks, the modern MSP security stack needs to be much more comprehensive. The threat landscape is rapidly evolving and cybercriminals, advanced persistent threat actors, and hacktivists are constantly developing new ways to attack businesses.

Most SMBs are unable to devote the time, resources, and money that is required for managing cybersecurity in-house and have turned to their MSPs for protection. Forward-thinking MSPs have seized the opportunity and met those needs by providing a range of managed security services.

Building an effective MSP security stack is no easy task. You will need many different security and productivity tools to provide defense-in-depth to your clients, and the more cybersecurity solutions you add to the MSP security stack, the more complicated it will be to effectively manage those solutions. Getting an MSP security stack that is effective and can be delivered efficiently is one of the biggest challenges faced by MSPs.

The MSP security stack will need to cover many different aspects of security. An MSP will need to ensure all functions of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework are addressed (identify, protect, detect, respond, & recover). While it is important to protect against phishing, malware, and ransomware and implement solutions that can block each of the initial access vectors used by malicious cyber actors, MSPs must identify the risks that each client faces and determine exactly what needs to be protected. MSPs need to monitor their clients’ networks and applications for signs of compromise, plan for successful attacks, and ensure they can quickly and efficiently respond when defenses are breached. They will also be called upon to help their clients recover from attacks quickly.

The tools required by MSPs to deliver protection across all of those areas are diverse and will need to be properly balanced. A strong MSP security stack will need to cover perimeter security, endpoint protection, mobile device management, authentication, information security, remote access, network monitoring, cloud security, vulnerability scanning, and backup and recovery. Building and effective tech stack will therefore take time. Fortunately, there is a plethora of tools available that will allow you to deliver comprehensive and effective managed security services for your clients.

When creating an MSP software security stack, many MSPs find the products they choose are difficult to manage and do not fully integrate with their own systems and other cybersecurity solutions. To avoid these problems – as far as is possible – the best approach is to try to limit the number of vendors you work with and take full advantage of all solutions they offer. You can also reduce the management overhead by choosing vendors that have developed solutions specifically to meet the needs of MSPS and are easy to add to the tech stack and deliver to clients. This is why more than 2,500 MSPs have signed up with the TitanShield program and use TitanHQ’s solutions to protect their businesses and those of their clients.

TitanHQ’s MSP Security Stack

TitanHQ has been developing cybersecurity solutions for MSPs for more than 20 years. Each solution was developed from the ground up to meet the needs of MSPs and make providing managed security services as easy as possible. TitanHQ’s solutions protect against data loss, help SMBs achieve their compliance objectives, and protect against malware, ransomware, botnets, phishing, spear phishing, social engineering and other cyber threats.

By signing up with TitanHQ and joining the TitanShield MSP program, MSPs have access to six innovative solutions. These solutions can be deployed by MSPs to provide effective layered security to their clients. TitanHQ’s products can be easily added to an MSP security stack and integrated into MSPs existing systems. Setting up and protecting clients is a quick and easy process, and all products have an intuitive user interface and a low management overhead.

The product portfolio includes:

  • SpamTitan Email Security – A cloud-delivered or gateway email security solution with advanced threat protection capabilities for blocking phishing, malware, ransomware, and zero-day threats.
  • SpamTitan Plus Phishing Protection –AI-driven phishing and malicious URL protection, with industry-leading detections.
  • WebTitan DNS Filter – An advanced DNS-based web filter providing both protection from HTTP and HTTPS security threats and precision content control.
  • SafeTitan Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulator – A comprehensive security awareness training platform and phishing simulator and the only behavior-driven training platform that delivers corrective training in real-time.
  • EncryptTitan Email Encryption – A full-featured encryption system for MSPs that allows users to exchange information securely via email.
  • ArcTitan Email Archiving – An easy-to-use, cloud-based email archiving solution for compliance, data protection, and disaster recovery.

For more information on these products and the TitanShield MSP program, to arrange product demonstrations, call the TitanHQ channel team today.