MSP Security Software

Are you a managed service provider looking for MSP security software to start providing security services to your clients? Are you looking to better protect your clients against cyber threats and increase revenue? Here we present three security solutions that you can easily add to your service stack to better meet your clients’ needs, protect them against costly cyberattacks and data breaches, and significantly increase revenue and boost profits.

MSP Security Services are in High Demand

MSP security services are currently the main source of growth for MSPs. According to Channel Futures, 73% of respondents to a survey of MSPs said security was the fastest area of growth. That is no surprise considering the extent to which SMBs are being targeted by hackers and the potential consequences of successful attacks. Further, while defending against attacks used to be straightforward, the increasing sophistication of attacks means one or two cybersecurity solutions are no longer sufficient.

SMBs now need to implement several different layers of security to block a broad range of threats. With layered defenses, should any single measure fail to identify and block a threat, other measures will be in place to provide protection. The consequences of not implementing layered defenses can be severe. The average cost of a data breach for a typical SMB is now $47,000, not including the cost of the damage to the company’s reputation. Those costs often cannot be absorbed by SMBs, which is why 60% of SMBs permanently close within 6 months of suffering a data breach.

SMBs are increasingly aware of the need to improve security with so many cyberattacks and data breaches now being reported, but due to limited time, resources, and staff members with the appropriate skill sets, many SMBs are opting for MSP security services.

It is up to MSPs to explain to their clients how the current threat landscape requires multiple levels of protection, and then provide the necessary MSP security services to address risks and effectively block threats.

Cybersecurity Solutions for MSPs to Protect Clients from Diverse Threats

Certain cybersecurity solutions need to be incorporated into MSP security services to protect against the main attack vectors – Email, web-delivered threats, and the exploitation of vulnerabilities.

Email Security

The primary attack vector is email. More than 90% of data breaches start with a phishing email which gives attackers a foothold for launching more in-depth attacks. Phishing emails are used to steal credentials to gain access to Office 365 environments and are one of the main ways that malware and ransomware are delivered. MSPs need to provide email security to their SMB clients to block this key attack vector and strip out malware and malicious files before they reach inboxes and block malicious hyperlinks. Most SMBs expect their MSP to protect their email environments and block email-borne threats.

Many businesses use cloud-based offerings such as Office 365. While these suites of products often include some protection against email threats, you should augment those protections with a third-party solution. With Office 365, Microsoft offers Exchange Online Protection (EOP) for blocking threats, and while EOP will block 100% of known malware and is effective at detecting and blocking spam, tests have shown that it is far from effective at blocking zero-day threats such as new malware variants. Third-party solutions build on the protection offered by EOP and plug these security gaps.

Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training is a cybersecurity measure that is often overlooked by SMBs. SMBs often lack the resources and time to develop training content and provide regular training to their workforce, despite the importance of developing a human firewall. Threats will inevitably reach users’ inboxes or be encountered in other ways, so it is vital for users to be trained on how to recognize and avoid those threats.

MSPs can offer security awareness training as part of their core MSP security services, without having to develop their own training content by signing up with a service provider. They can also run phishing simulations for their clients to test the effectiveness of the training and identify gaps in knowledge. Solutions are available to automate that process and deliver relevant training in real-time when phishing simulations are failed or in response to certain actions by end users.

Web Security

Another key service to offer is web protection. Many threats can be encountered on the web: users can navigate to malicious websites through general web browsing, be directed to compromised websites used for phishing and malware delivery through malvertising or links in phishing emails, or could download malware packaged with software from file-sharing websites. Web security solutions will block access to known malicious websites and will scan and categorize web content, allowing SMBs to prevent access to risky sites and enforce their Internet usage policies.

Cloud-delivered DNS filtering is best for protecting against web-based attacks as it is zero latency and threats are blocked without any content being downloaded, ensuring threats never even come close to the perimeter. DNS filtering also solves the problems associated with inspecting SSL sites. Decrypting and then re-encrypting content for inspection is CPU-intensive; however, with cloud-based DNS filtering solutions, the filtering takes place in the cloud on the service provider’s servers. DNS filtering complements email security solutions by providing time-of-click protection against links in phishing emails.

Vulnerability Management

You will no doubt already be managing software solutions for your clients and will be performing patching and software updates to prevent them from being exploited. This can be augmented by providing vulnerability scanning. Many open source tools can be used to scan for common vulnerabilities in SMB environments, allowing MSPs to proactively identify and address flaws before they are discovered and exploited by hackers.

How TitanHQ Can Help MSPs Improve Security and Accelerate Growth

For the past 20 years, TitanHQ has been providing SMB and MSP security solutions. All TitanHQ MSP security solutions have been developed from the ground up to meet MSP needs and allow them to easily start offering MSP security services that meet the needs of their SMB clients and deliver layered security to protect against a rapidly evolving threat landscape.

All solutions can be managed by MSPs through a single pane of glass and can even be integrated into an MSP’s existing systems thanks to TitanHQ APIs. The products are provided with a range of hosting options and can be provided in a white-label form ready to take an MSP’s branding. All products work seamlessly with each other to form core MSP security services.

SpamTitan Email Security

SpamTitan Email Security is a multi-award-winning anti-spam and anti-phishing solution and one of the top-rated and reviewed email security solutions for the SMB market. SpamTitan is delivered as a cloud-based service, so requires no hardware or software, and can be deployed quickly and easily by MSPs.

The solution incorporates robust signature and behavior-based malware detection through dual antivirus engines and a Bitdefender-powered sandbox. SpamTitan itself provides multiple layers of protection against phishing, BEC attacks, and other dangerous email threats. The solution is automatically updated to protect against zero-minute threats and provides insights into the latest threats to help mitigate all threats that target email environments.

WebTitan DNS Filtering

WebTitan DNS Filtering protects against threats delivered over the Internet. WebTitan prevents users from visiting malicious websites, such as those used for phishing or malware distribution, and can block command-and-control center callbacks and data exfiltration attempts across all ports and protocols. WebTitan is fed threat intelligence from more than 500 million endpoints worldwide. When a threat is encountered on any of those endpoints, all others will be automatically protected. WeBtiatn crawls 700 million URLs on average each month and blocks more than 100,000 new malicious URLs each day.

As a DNS-based web filtering solution, users are protected against threats with zero latency. The solution can also be used to control the content that can be accessed on wired or wireless networks, with the protection extended to off-network users through the WebTitan On-The-Go agent.

SafeTitan Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulations

The SafeTitan Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulation platform is the latest addition to the TitanHQ security portfolio. SafeTitan is the only behavior-driven security awareness platform that delivers training in real-time, allowing companies to manage the growing problem of social engineering and advanced phishing attacks. The platform includes an extensive portfolio of training content that is delivered in bite-sized chunks, along with a phishing simulation platform with extensive phishing templates for assessing resilience to phishing attacks. The product has been developed to easily fit into an MSP security stack.

TitanHQ can help further expand MSP security services through ArcTitan Email Archiving and EncryptTitan Email Encryption. For further information, contact the TitanHQ channel team today.