MSP Spam Filtering Service

Are you currently partnering with an MSSP to meet the security needs of your clients? Have you considered adding managed security services to your service stack? There are huge benefits that can come from offering managed security services, and MSP spam filtering is a good place to start.

Providing Managed Security Services is Easier Than You Might Think

Providing managed security services to your clients may seem like a daunting prospect. It can be difficult to find skilled cybersecurity professionals to create a team of in-house talent to manage these services, and your existing staff members will no doubt have their hands full providing the services in your current technology stack, but if you partner with the right software-as-a-service provider, adding managed security services to your service stack is much easier than you may think.

Virtually all MSPs now offer managed security services to their clients, either by providing those services directly or by partnering with a managed security services company. According to Datto, 99% of MSPs offer managed security services and a Vanson Bourne/Connectwise found that in 2021, 77% of MSPs were planning on increasing their investment in cybersecurity to better meet the needs of their clients and boost their profits. MSPs that offer security services to their clients can gain a significant competitive advantage over other MSPs and can significantly boost profits, without a large initial upfront investment.

There is considerable demand for managed security services. Cybercriminals have stepped up their attacks on SMBs, ransomware is rife, and phishing and malware attacks on SMBs increasing. The standard security solutions that once protected SMBs from these threats are no longer sufficient, as cyberattacks have become more numerous and sophisticated. SMBs typically do not have the internal talent to manage cybersecurity solutions in-house and turn to service providers to meet their security needs. MSPs that offer managed security services can reap the rewards, create regular recurring monthly revenue, and better protect their clients. If you have partnered with an MSSP, by starting offering managed security services you can get a significant chunk of that business, and that business is lucrative.

Why MSP Spam Filtering is a Good Place to Start

As an MSP you will be used to providing services remotely, and managed security is no different. If you work with a software-as-a-service vendor that provides 100% cloud-based solutions, site visits will not be needed and there are no complex installations. An MSP spam filtering service is a great place to start. The majority of malware is delivered via email, phishing attacks mostly use email as the attack vector, and business email compromise attacks are email-based.

By providing an MSP spam filtering service, you can block all of these common threats and managing spam filtering for your clients will be straightforward. With SpamTitan from TitanHQ, there is a low management overhead, so you do not have to commit extensive resources to provide the service, the solution has been developed to be easy for MSPs to use and there is no steep learning curve, so you will not need to recruit skilled cybersecurity professionals to start providing your clients with the service.

SpamTitan MSP Spam Filtering Solutions

SpamTitan MSP spam filtering is provided through two products, both of which are 100% cloud-based. For most SMBs, SpamTitan Cloud is the ideal solution. This MSP spam filtering service provides advanced protection against all email threats through heuristic filters, Bayesian filters, header filters, blacklists, and content and word filters, with machine learning algorithms for predicting new threats and protection against malware provided through antivirus engines and zero-day malware threats through sandboxing. SpamTitan Plus takes protection to the next level, providing unrivaled protection against malicious URLs in emails by combining all market-leading threat anti-phishing feeds, intelligence from massive clickstream traffic of 600+ million endpoints, predictive phishing detection, URL rewriting, and time-of-click protection against malicious links.

These solutions have been developed from the ground up to meet the needs of MSPs. MSPs benefit from having the products as a white label to take the MSPs branding, multiple hosting options, including within an MSP’s infrastructure, a single pane of glass view of all clients for easy client management, APIs to incorporate the solutions into MSPs existing systems, monthly billing, and flexible pricing to meet MSPs fluctuating seat numbers. The solutions are also easy to set up and manage and there are great margins for MSP partners.

TitanHQ also offers MSPs other cybersecurity solutions that are similarly easy to incorporate into an MSP’s service stack to build up a core set of managed security services, including DNS (web) filtering, email archiving and encryption, and security awareness training. All solutions come with extensive sales, marketing and training materials provided to help MSPs make a success of providing managed security services. Contact the TitanHQ channel team today for further information on TitanHQ solutions and discover how easy it is to start providing managed security services to your clients.