Office 365 Email Encryption

Millions of businesses worldwide use Office 365 for email yet fail to protect their communications against unauthorized access with Office 365 email encryption and put large volumes of sensitive data at risk.

Office 365 email encryption ensures emails and attachments can only be read by the intended audience. Businesses that do not encrypt their emails run the risk of sensitive emails being intercepted by hackers, who will be able to gain access to sensitive information or could tamper with messages without the knowledge of the sender or receiver.

Encryption is a way of protecting the content of messages. If an email is intercepted, encryption ensures the content of the messages – including attachments – are unreadable. The only way of viewing the content of emails and any attached files is to provide the decryption key, which is only available to authorized individuals e.g., the intended recipient(s). This method of Office 365 email encryption is often referred to as end-to-end encryption, as messages are protected on the sender’s device, in transit, and remain protected until the recipient decrypts the messages.

Is Email Encryption Really Necessary?

A great deal of sensitive information is communicated via email and that information is valuable to data thieves. Email is used to send personal information, customer information, and sensitive business documents. Unencrypted emails are vulnerable and can be intercepted and accessed by unauthorized individuals, either in transit or when they reach the mail server of the recipient. Emails are even more vulnerable when sent over insecure networks, such as when employees connect to public Wi-Fi networks. The increase in remote and hybrid working has made the interception of emails a very real threat.

If you work in a regulated sector such as financial services or healthcare, there are laws that require certain types of data to be protected. The failure to encrypt emails not only risks the interception of sensitive, regulated data, it also places businesses at risk of substantial fines for non-compliance. If sensitive personal data are sent via email and are compromised, consumer privacy laws may be violated such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Victims of email data breaches may also take legal action over the exposure or theft of their sensitive data.

Office 365 email encryption will protect against data loss, data compromises, legal action, and compliance fines. For peace of mind alone it is a worthwhile investment.

Office 365 Email Encryption from TitanHQ

Protecting email communications doesn’t have to be complicated and there is no reason for it to affect workflows. EncryptTitan from TitanHQ was developed to allow businesses to protect their email communications and to make this effortless. EncryptTitan is a 100% cloud-based email encryption solution that requires no on-site hardware. Once implemented, emails can be encrypted regardless of the device used to access and send emails.

Emails can be encrypted based on company policies and the recipients of messages do not need to take any actions to decrypt emails; however, if for any reason the conditions of delivery are not met, the messages are sent to a secure portal that recipients can access and authenticate to view messages.

Policies can be set to ensure all appropriate messages are encrypted to meet the company’s encryption policy and to ensure compliance with data privacy and protection laws. That includes automatic encryption of messages containing a certain keyword and policy-based encryption that examines emails for definable types of regulated content in email messages/attachments to ensure encryption for compliance purposes. There is also the option of an Office 365 plugin that users can use to choose whether to encrypt a message.

The solution has extensive analysis and reporting capabilities, supports email auditing, read receipts, message recall, and message expiry. EncryptTitan is also a multitenant solution for managed service providers that allows them to easily add email encryption into their service stacks, including the option of using an MSP-branded portal for accessing messages.

In contrast to many Office 365 email encryption solutions – including Microsoft’s own encryption offering – customers benefit from dedicated concierge setup with full support from POS and comprehensive 24/7 after sales support.

If you want to protect your email communications, we invite you to see EncryptTitan Office 365 email encryption in action by scheduling a free product demonstration today.