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SpamTitan Cloud is a spam filtering service for SMBs and managed service providers (MSPs) that provides enterprise-class spam filtering features at a price that is affordable for all businesses. SpamTitan Cloud allows users to block 99.97% of spam emails, has a very low false positive rate, delivers excellent protection against threats such as phishing, spear phishing, email impersonation, malware and ransomware, and even has data loss prevention capabilities.

In addition to blocking even sophisticated threats, SpamTitan Cloud is easy to set up, use, and maintain, even by small businesses and users with limited IT knowledge. In this post, we will describe the features of SpamTitan Cloud that keep users well protected against email-delivered threats, how SpamTitan provides multi-layered protection in a single product, and why we consider SpamTitan Cloud to be the best spam filtering service for SMBs and MSPs that serve the SMB market.

A Flexible Spam Filtering Service to Meet the Needs of Businesses of All Sizes

Many cybersecurity companies have developed a spam filtering service that targets a specific type of company. There are enterprise solutions that have extensive threat investigation capabilities that allow in-house IT security teams to not only block threats but also analyze those threats in detail. Enterprises with many thousands of employees need to investigate targeted phishing attacks to learn more about the attackers and how they are being targeted. A spam filtering service is needed by businesses of all sizes, and several cater to the smallest of businesses that just want to reduce the volume of spam emails and block phishing and malware threats. While it is not possible to create a spam filtering service that caters perfectly to businesses of all sizes, SpamTitan Cloud strikes the right balance to appeal to the largest range of businesses. The solution delivers advanced threat protection, without over-complicating the filtering process, and is easy to use, regardless of the level of IT skill users have.

High Detection Rate with Low False Positive Rate

Perhaps the most important feature of a spam filtering service is a high spam and phishing email detection rate. Enterprises, SMBs, and MSPs alike want to block all spam email and phishing threats, but there is a trade-off. Threats must be blocked but there also needs to be a low false positive rate. It is easy to block all spam and malicious emails, but not without also blocking an unacceptable number of genuine emails. If genuine emails are sent to the quarantine folder, the IT team will have to spend an excessive amount of time checking and releasing emails. Worse, if employees have access to their own quarantine folders, they will be looking for genuine emails in a folder that contains very dangerous threats. SpamTitan has been shown in independent tests to block 99.97% of spam emails yet has a very low false positive rate.

Advanced Protection Malware Threats

A spam filtering service protects against malware infections. All inbound emails are scanned for malicious files using one or more antivirus engines – SpamTitan uses two: Bitdefender and ClamAV. Those AV engines will block 100% of known malware threats using signature-based detection methods. When a new malware variant is discovered, its signature is added to the AV engines to allow the threat to be detected. New malware variants are frequently discovered, and often when they are uploaded to Virus Total, which inspects files using more than 70 AV engines, malware is not detected as malicious.

To protect against zero-day (new) malware threats, a spam filtering service needs more than just signature-based detection. SpamTitan includes a Bitdefender-powered sandbox, where suspicious email attachments are sent for in-depth analysis to identify malicious behavior. The sandboxing feature protects against malware threats that have yet to have their signatures added to AV definition lists.

Protection from Zero-Day Phishing Threats

Spam filtering services check inbound email for phishing threats and perform a reasonable job at detecting common types of phishing emails, but new phishing threats are constantly being developed and these can easily bypass anti-phishing defenses. SpamTitan Cloud anticipates new phishing attacks using predictive technology. The Bayesian analysis and heuristics used for phishing detection get better over time and are capable of detecting when inbound emails deviate from the norm, allowing inbound emails to be scored on the likelihood of them being spam or malicious. Tolerance thresholds can then be set for the organization, user groups, or at the individual level.

Improve the Office 365 Spam Filter

Many businesses use Office 365 for email and are provided with basic protection against spam and phishing emails and malware threats. While the Exchange Online Protection (EOP) offering from Microsoft does a good job at blocking spam and known malware, more sophisticated attacks are not blocked. This is why Microsoft also offers a premium service. Many email filtering services are available for use with Office 365, but they totally replace the protection provided by Microsoft. With SpamTitan Cloud, users layer the additional protections provided by SpamTitan Cloud on top of those provided by Microsoft. As every cybersecurity professional knows, the more layers of protection you have the better. SpamTitan is also easy to implement for Office 365 users – there is no complicated or lengthy setup process.

Outbound Email Filtering with DLP

You need a spam filtering service to scan all inbound emails to block spam and malicious emails, but outbound filtering is also important, yet it is not provided with many anti-spam services. If a mailbox is compromised, due to a response to a phishing email that sees the user’s credentials stolen or in a brute force attack, that compromised mailbox could be used to send phishing emails or distribute malware from your company domain. Outbound scanning can detect and block these outbound email threats. SpamTitan also has data loss prevention capabilities and can scan outbound emails for tagged data types, such as types of information that should not be sent externally – Social Security numbers for instance.

Cost-Effective Spam Filtering

An email security solution is a must for all businesses and is a great investment and will save companies money by blocking threats that could lead to a costly data breach or ransomware attack, but IT budgets are limited and need to go a long way. SpamTitan Cloud has been priced to be affordable for all businesses and provides top-level protection at a very competitive price. There is even the option of monthly billing to spread out the cost, and discounts available for multi-year contracts. You may be surprised to find out just how low the price is!

A Spam Filtering Service for MSPs

Many businesses use managed service providers for their IT functions, as it is more cost-effective than bringing in dedicated IT staff. MSPs need IT security solutions that are easy to implement and manage for their clients. SpamTitan Cloud has been developed to make it as easy as possible for MSPs to provide spam filtering services. SpamTitan Cloud has multiple hosting options and can even be hosted within an MSPs own cloud. The product can be supplied as a white label ready to take the MSP’s branding, there are flexible pricing policies for MSPs, and the product is a fully multi-tenanted solution and can even be integrated into an MSP’s existing back-office systems through TitanHQ APIs.

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If you have yet to improve your email security defenses with a dedicated spam filtering service, are unhappy with the usability of your current solution, or simply want to block more spam emails and phishing and malware threats, why not give SpamTitan a try. You can take advantage of a free trial to test the product in your own environment and discover for yourself why SpamTitan Cloud is one of the top-rated email filtering services on independent review sites such as G2 and Expert Insights.